Monday, July 9, 2012

Scrapbook Monday-You know you're a scrapbooker when...

It's another Scrapbook Monday and I have several digital layouts to share today!  My family is always laughing at the bizarre things I choose to photograph.  Like the food on the table at Thanksgiving, or the new backpacks on the first day of school,  or candy and coffee packaging...
They are not scrapbookers, because if they were, they would know that the dinner table picture will tell my great-great-great-grandchildren what we ate, the backpacks become a trip down memory lane for my kids "Remember when you LOVED Dora?",  and the candy and coffee shows future chocolate and caffeine addicted family members that they inherited that love from me.  My sister (who also scrapbooks) and my girls, however, understand that you know you're a scrapbooker when... take pictures of signs, towel art, walls, and even the toiletries from the hotel.

...buildings, water parks, and walkways are frequent focal points in pictures.

...your hotel suite's every detail is forever preserved on a page.

...your children vividly remember exact moments, each time they look at their scrapbook.

Words can not do justice to explain how wonderfully, magical our suite was.  It was almost surreal being at the resort!  I can not imagine the time and talent that came together to make this amazing place.  The cast members were fantastic and always had a smile and an offer to help with anything.   It was so fun walking into the building after an exhausting day at a park to see someone smiling and saying "Welcome home!  What did you do today?"  It was not a 'cheap' place to stay, but was worth every penny we paid!  And since we don't go to Disney every year (this was the girls' first visit) we decided to splurge and have the full effect!

I was very naughty and did not make a list of anything that I used on these pages...  The main colors are brocade blue and real red, and I made the fish on the second layout by combining oval punches with heart punches.  The Disney script was found at Urban Fonts and was FREE!!

I like to think that 100 years from now, someone will look at my pages and think "That is so cool!" or "Look at those shoes!" or "Wow! Did you see that OLD TV?!"  At least, that's what we do when we look through all of the old family pictures.  At best, I am leaving a visual time capsule of our lives for our future generations.  At the very least, I am gossip fodder for current family members.  "Did you see her take a picture of the birthday card/grill/car/cake on the floor(true story!)/chickens... Well, she's always been a little odd..."  Little do they know, I will be the cool and crazy, crafty lady that our future family knows so much about!! So who's laughing now?  Yeah, I know... it's still them laughing...

I hope you find some time this week to be crafty!!  Don't forget to take some pictures too!


  1. You're right....this will be a treasure for years to come! LOVE the brightness of the pages and fun photos too Margaret! Fabulous!

  2. My stars have you been busy, but what awesome pages, it looks like a fun trip and so great that you have this all started now. TFS

  3. WOW !!!! What a fabulous resort, and how cool was it that your family was the first in the suite ! The fish you made out of punches are too cute on your wonderful scrapbook pages. I also enjoyed reading your post. I really need to start scrapbooking.....

  4. Oh such fantastic pages!! I think that's the most important step in keeping the memories - the little things :) I think the pages we keep should be more than just the people in them (though that is a must, lol) You did a great job! I've heard of this resort but haven't had the pleasure of making ressies - we leave for Disney this Thursday and are staying not too far away! I'll wave at Mickey for you!! x0x0

  5. crack me up Margaret!! Let me just clarify, I'm not laughing AT you, only WITH you..hee hee.
    Those are the most incredible pictures. Without a doubt you've prepared the most amazing item ever to be found in a time capsule! Archeologists thousands of years from now will be showcasing this on the Hologram History Channel. :D


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