Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year from the Time Bandits and me!

Oh my goodness, where did December go?  I had so many wonderful creative ideas that never quite made it to reality this month and for the first time in I don't know how long, I BOUGHT Christmas cards... Scary stuff!!  I did manage to squeeze in a Cookie Day with my mom and sister, and we managed to do our shopping and wrapping without being too rushed, but there was quite a bit that I would have liked to accomplish.  I have an entire pinterest board full of treats and candies that I wanted to make, and of course all of the cards that I really wanted to create, but somehow they were moved to the back burner while I did everything else.  So today, New Years eve, I found myself with a little free time and decided to make some cards-18 to be exact!

I needed some thank you cards for the gifts I received from school, and really wanted to make them, so I decided to try out a design I had pinned earlier this month.  Unfortunately, the video link with directions was no longer available.  I did manage to create a good guess of how it was done.  The 'big idea' behind these cards is to use a 12x12 piece of pattern paper, some ribbon, a stamp, and cardstock to create some super quick cards.  I didn't have the original dimensions, but quickly figured out that if I cut my paper into 4" strips vertically, and then cut 3" strips horizontally, I could make it work.Three of my 3x4 squares were then cut to 1x4.  I hope the instructions make sense when you look at the cards.  If not, please feel free to message me for a better tutorial.

The green strip is the reverse of the bottom paper and I 
used the ribbon to hide the seams of the papers.

Same idea for this one, only I didn't add the 1 1/4"
cardstock for the sentiment. I simply stamped on the base.

Now, not only are my thank you notes finished, but I also have 9 Christmas cards added to the box for next year.  Did I mention that it really bummed me out to use store bought cards this year???

Those of you who visit my blog frequently know that I am not a fan of new years resolutions, so instead of a list of resolutions I will leave you with a quote and wishes for a peace filled new year!

Life should be a continual celebration,
a festival of lights, the whole year around.
Only then you can grow up, you can blossom.
Transform small things into celebration.

Card Recipes: Paper-Holiday Treasures and Holly Berry Bouquet DSPs, very vanilla, kraft, Ink-chocolate chip, Accessories-old olive scallop dots and chocolate chip grosgrain ribbon