Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Blessings to you

Today I am sharing the last of the Christmas cards and enjoying the fact that Christmas has arrived.  I've always enjoyed this time of year, but it's especially true this year.  Nothing like a pandemic to make one appreciate the small everyday things that are really such a big part of our lives.

I have made a conscious effort to find the blessing and gratitude in every day and it is a wonderful habit to form.  Every small kindness is magnified and appreciated.  Something as simple as holding the door or saying hello can make an impact if we're only opening our eyes and our hearts to recognize these things.  Will it end poverty or create world peace? Maybe not, but I think it goes a long way in making us more aware and appreciative.  And those things CAN change the world!  So regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not, my wish and prayer for you this season is that kindness, health, happiness, and love find their way to your door; and that you find yourself able to share these gifts with others too!

To my fellow Christians, may this Christmas season find you focused on the true purpose of this holiday and may you be moved to share God's love with all you meet!  Wishing you a Christmas blessed with health and happiness! 


Monday, December 14, 2020

Simple cards and Simple Stories

So I may have an addiction to those tag and 3x4 image sheets of paper because I've made another set of cards using a new sheet of Simple Stories paper...and I may have bought a Christmas pack of DCWV paper that also has some in's becoming a thing...

Today's cards also have vintage Christmas images, but this time the colors are a bit brighter.  Most of the images were simply placed on an embossed base and were quickly done!  I did add a little strip of green to one and a mat to another.  There were also a few blocks that I didn't make into cards because they seemed perfect for journaling blocks for scrapbooking.  So maybe they'll make an appearance during the Christmas break!

My DD#1 made a comment about how perfect my embossing went with the images. I readily agreed without mentioning that having a huge collection of folders makes that pretty easy.  Let her think that I'm just that creative!!

I think this is pretty close to the last of my cards unless I just decide that I really want to make more.  I actually had all of my cards finished before Thanksgiving this year!  That hasn't happened in a very long time!  Feels good to be able to spread a little love and cheer in what has been a less that perfect year.  


Monday, December 7, 2020

Tags: Not just for gifts anymore!

I'm making an effort to space out my card posts so they're not bombarding my blog all at once.  Today's cards were actually made about a week ago, but who wants to look at a post with a ton of cards all at once?!  :)  

Once again, I'm using paper that practically makes the cards themselves!  This time it was a sheet of tags that begged to be purchased!  I was thinking in the store how cute they would look with little twine bows, popped at an angle on a solid background-just like a present in the mailbox!!  These took a little fussy cutting and punching to make them just right, but still a super easy card!

I also pulled out the embossing folders again for a little fun and texture!

Can I just say how much I love these cute plaid designs with the twine?!

Going a little nontraditional with the embossing! I 
love how these patterns coordinate with the tags!

I'm feeling a bit like an innovator with these cards!  Tags: not just for gifts anymore!  Oh, how I've missed creating and posting on my blog...

Who knows? Maybe I'm inspiring others to think outside of the box (pun intended-where else would you put a tag?) and be a little creative with their supplies too!