Monday, June 26, 2017

Birthday greetings and hazardous working conditions

Hi! I'm so glad you're here!  I took a break from my grown up duties this past weekend to do some card making!  During my unpacking and organizing, I came across Wildflower Fields DSP and remembered how much I liked the colors in this paper pack.  The patterns are great too since there is a nice mix of feminine and masculine prints.  My box of birthday cards was almost empty and I will need to send several very soon so I decided to take a break from working to 'work' on some cards.
Because I don't have everything unpacked yet and lots of stuff on my table, I kept things simple and let the great prints take center stage.

a design for the ladies

and one for the guys

I managed to make six cards from each sheet of pattern paper, with some scraps left over for another project.  Now my stash is a little better and I can get back to work again (yippee...), but before I go I want to share a couple of photos of my new work space.  I thought having my own room with my own table would allow me more freedom to leave projects and supplies out, instead of having to pack everything away when I was using the kitchen table.  What I didn't include in my plan was the perfect placement of my table under a wonderful window that allows a perfect resting spot for our cat...
She is so glad that we remodeled this house for her and especially likes the nice resting table in her studio!  Never a dull moment when she decides to join me...

chasing the cap to my glue bottle...

earning her keep as a paperweight...

As much as she drives me crazy, she really is a sweet kitty and something of a miracle since she was basically dying when my daughter rescued her-not that you could tell now!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope your day is filled with good things and your working conditions are a little less eventful than mine!

Card Recipe: Paper-Wildflower Fields dsp (ret), old olive, calypso coral, blackberry bliss, hello honey, whisper white, Ink-lost lagoon, Stamp Set-wacky wishes

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Recycling numbers (the last of the graduation cards)

Well, hello again!  I am slowly but surely finding ways to use the numbers left over from my graduation card invitations(click here to see) and between thank you cards for DD1's party and graduation cards for her friends, most of the numbers have been used up!  Today, I'm sharing the cards I made to give to her friends who are also graduating.  Super simple design and these went together in a flash, which was great considering all of the things we had going on at the time!

In a few more weeks, we should be completely finished with our move and most of the interior remodeling/construction will be done.  At that point, I'll try to share some before and after photos of our home and some of the ways we repurposed things to be useful for us.

Thanks so much for visiting!  I am hoping to have some free time before too long to do some much needed scrapbooking and cardmaking.  I'm also long overdue on repaying blog visits and hope to catch up with all my blogland friends soon!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Taking a break to create!

Hello again!  We have been diligently working on our house, especially my craft room, and I am finally seeing an end to the 'to do' list!  We moved several pieces of furniture into my studio this week and I have been unpacking and finding a place for all of my goodies.  I even threw some things away and started a sell/donate pile-gasp!  Of course, DH thinks those piles should be bigger than they are, but that's ok because his shop in the garage looks quite similar to my stash...

I took a small break today to work on a few cards and thought I would share them with you.  The first group are the thank you cards for DD#1's graduation.  We recycled the numbers from her invitations to make the thank yous and the strip of black is leftovers from matting photos for her softball and music boards.  There are still a few numbers left, but I'm hoping to find a purpose for them somewhere!

I was in dire need of some feminine birthday cards, so I dug out some retired Raspberry Tart dsp from Stampin' UP. One sheet of the pattern paper made six cards.  The sentiment is an old one from Hero Arts.  I would love to say that my stash of retired paper was decreased from this, but using one paper from a rather large collection of packets is hardly progress...  Guess I'll just have to 'work' harder at making that container smaller! Ha!

Hopefully, by the end of the month, my room will be set and then I'll share some photos of how the room was updated and where I chose to put all of my precious supplies!  Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

Card Recipe:  Paper-whisper white, real red, basic black, large numbers framelits

Card Recipe:  Paper-whisper white, Raspberrry Tart, rose red, Ink-rose red, Stamp-Hero Arts

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunrise, Sunset...

Hello again!  My school year is almost over and normally I would be counting the seconds until summer vacation officially begins.  This year will be a little different since DD1 is graduating.  Not only am I neck deep in party planning and getting photos ready for the big day, but I'm also trying to finally move into my crafting room.  DH was able to put the new hardwood in this week and now I'm scrambling around trying to unpack boxes, move furniture, and put things in some sort of order.  The only upside of this is it keeps me from focusing on the fact that my first born is approaching a major milestone and won't be around nearly as much as she is now...  I recently finished her softball photo board and could not believe how hard it was to look at those first years of softball pictures!

I have also been busy making invitations and thank you cards for her party.  Since we needed quite a few of these, I kept the design super simple and easy to assembly line.

When we had senior night for softball, we made cupcakes and arranged them in the shape of a softball.  Since we wanted the girls to each have their name on a 'softball', I came up with a banner for each girl.  Using die cuts made this super easy to put together.  I glued the banners to a cake pop stick and they looked pretty cute flying over the cupcakey goodness.

I'm sorry to say that my pictures of the girls with their cakes didn't turn out too well.  It was a hot muggy day and by the time the game was over and the girls could pose with their cakes, the icing was a bit melty... They tasted wonderful though!

I am hoping that within the next month or so, things will be settled and I'll be able to actually create again.  Assembly line crafts are great in a pinch, but I am really in need of some serious creative therapy!  Wish me luck!

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you'll come back soon!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Inspiration and Scrapbooking

Hello and welcome back!  I am so happy to be back on my lil' ol' blog and posting again! I'm still sharing things that I made during the time I was sans computer, but hopefully we will be finishing my crafting room soon and I can get back to making lots of new creations!   

I'm currently working on graduation invitations for DD1. It's a little hard to believe that I used to share photos of her grade school valentines and now I'm finishing up graduation cards... sniff! sniff!
As soon as they are finished, I'll try to remember to share a pic with you!

Today, I'm sharing a couple of pages I've added to my inspiration/quotes journal and a couple of scrapbook pages.

This was made completely from scraps from a 'green' project
I made long ago.  I love all of the different layers on this!
You can see the original project here.

This page was an effort to finish off a packet of dsp
that I've had forever and only had scraps left.  It's 
all gone now!! One down, 5,000 to go... 

This page also uses the last of the scraps. Notice those
teeny tiny tags? Yep, I used every possible piece!! I 
think the embossing folder added a nice 'quilted' touch 
to the patchwork of scraps.

Another 'use it up' page! The green, lacy trim has been in my
stash for a long time and the background page has as well.
I had a lot of fun journaling around the swirling vines!

Thanks so much for visiting again and I hope you were inspired to use up some of your bits and pieces as well! Have a fantastic day!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Back in the saddle again!

Helloooooo... I'm hoping there's not too much of an echo in here and that some of my following peeps are still around! I have finally bought a new computer, mostly finished renovating our new to us house, and partially moved in (still no scrappy room...) and had a few minutes to post something on my blog again!

The cards were actually created a while back, but without a computer, they were never shared on my blog.  Nothing too fancy and for the most part they were made with scraps of paper that I felt the need to use up!

I love how the petite blue flowers on the umbrella and 
the blue cloud tie together to make a not so cloudy and gray card.

This one is a bit unusual for me-a card full of sticker embellishments!
My mom loves peacocks and the girls thought these stickers were
perfect for her birthday card. I have to admit, the 3D feathers are
very pretty!

Well, this is all for now. I hope you will get a little inspiration from my cards and I promise not to wait so long before I post again! Have a great day and happy crafting!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sorta kinda crafty

Hello and happy new year! We started 2017 continuing to remodel our new home.  There have been some unexpected issues like broken plumbing, but for the most part, it's just been  a lot of removal,  painting,  and elbow grease.
I have been so busy that I still haven't bought a new laptop,  which is killing me... However,  I am taking the time to post from my phone to share some pictures of a work in progress. Here's a sneak peek at my future craft room.

Original- not a great shot of the room,  but you can see the 80's era carpeting and the beige-ish wall.

Bye bye carpet...

Hello, new wall color! It is now Sweet As Honey! The paper is covering the wall cabinets that were already installed. Hopefully,  I will be sharing completed room photos soon.  Until then, wish me luck!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Hello! Depending on your age and music exposure, you could have a song by  Adele, Lionel Richie, The Cars, or Pink Floyd running through your head! Personally, I heard a hollow echo from my much neglected blog!

So many things happening; so  little blogging. I am still sans computer and it is killing me that I have a ton of photos and nowhere to place them... That is my primary excuse for not posting.  A second and much more exciting one is that we will be closing on a new to us home very soon. We had originally planned to build on our land in the country, but  came across a deal that was too good to pass and on our first viewing it just felt like home. So now we will be remodeling and moving for the next two months. I am also super excited that I will finally have my very own craft room!!!!!

I am going to try to make a few crafty posts from my phone before things get completely crazy.  I also hope to visit some blogs soon (fingers crossed that my new computer will be arriving soon. Until then, I hope you will bear with me!

Wishing everyone happy days!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Murphy's Law

Hello! Just in case you've been wondering, I am still here! I spent some time doing several uninteresting, yet important things around the house, and finally got a chance to get back in my crafty space. I've been working on my #1DD's scrapbooks and refilling my card stash, and it has been so wonderful to be creative again. I have all kinds of photos of my projects and was all ready to start blogging again. I turned on my laptop and everything lit up like it always does with one monitor.  So now I am without a way to properly post. Hopefully, I will be able to get it fixed! I used my phone for this post and it's not the best!

I did manage to get a photo uploaded (sorry for the shoddy pic) and thought I'd share it while I filled you in on the status of my blog.  This is one of my 'clean up' cards. I used bits and pieces of things I had in bags and boxes.

I don't have any steps to explain since it literally took minutes to put this together. I hope I will be back to proper blogging soon, and thanks for your patience!! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Live Simply

Hello! I am finally making a little time to update my blog today.  We are on break from school and I had hoped that I would have all kinds of crafty time this week, but other things took priority and left me with barely enough time to post!

I do have a card to share though!  A few weeks ago some young ladies from our church, my daughters, and I went to a youth retreat.  It was a wonderful time for me to get away from the busyness that normally takes over my days.  I always enjoy this retreat because I get to know the kids from our church and other churches  a little better and they never cease to amaze me with how wonderful they are.  This year, I made notecards before, and took some quiet time at the retreat to write a special note to each of the girls.  I think they were all appreciative and surprised to receive them.  Even my girls were excited about the cards!

I don't usually use the bigger pattern side of the pattern paper (love those smaller designs), but the large pretty designs are starting to grow on me.  They make it really easy to put a card together- fancy paper, framed sentiment, pearl dots, a little ribbon and a bow!  

I pulled out my buttercup liquid pearls and made lots of little dots to add a little pizzazz to the scallops.  I'm not sure when I used this last, but it wasn't the least little bit dried up! SCORE!

Well, tomorrow will be another busy day for me.  We are doing a massive clean out of our home in the hopes of preparing for a new home!  My kids cleaned out their room today and there is an enormous mountain of laundry now... This doesn't include the giant bag of trash they hauled out or the boxes of things to be donated...  It will get better, right??

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful rest of the week.  Happy Easter to my fellow Christians and the secular celebraters out there!!

Card Recipe: Paper-daffodil delight, whisper white, rich razzleberry, Floral District dsp, Stamp Set-Trust God, Ink-Baja breeze, Accessories-Baja breeze seam binding, buttercup liquid pearls, oval framelits, scallop oval die