Monday, July 2, 2012

Scrapbook Monday- Still at the beach...

It's Monday once again and I have a few more pages from our Panama City Beach portion of our vacation.  Again, very little journaling, letting the pictures tell their own stories...

I really wish we would have planned at least another day for the beach.  One evening was not nearly enough time to properly enjoy the sand and water.  I think our next trip to the ocean will have more relaxing and resting time and less regimented schedules.

The second page is views of the ocean from the car as we were leaving Panama City Beach, and one of the orange groves we passed on our way to Lake Buena Vista.  You can't really tell in the picture, but we could see oranges growing on the trees as we passed.  It was raining as we arrived at Disney -typical of Florida this time of year, I'm told...  But it did not diminish our excitement as we arrived at the most magical place on earth!  

I still have a lot of beach pictures that I did not scrapbook.  These will probably go into divided page protectors (photo album style) and be placed with the scrapbook pages.  To be perfectly honest, this will probably happen to a lot of pictures!  I love to scrapbook, but my attention span for one project does not last long!  Probably why I always do Christmas and vacation pictures last!!

We finally received some much needed rain yesterday evening.  We went out to eat for our niece's birthday in a neighboring town and it starting pouring rain!  I was never so happy to be soaked! It stormed enough that the power went out and we ate our meal with only the light from the windows and the emergency lights.  Great mood lighting and a memorable evening for my niece!  We were just glad that the kitchen was still able to make our food!  It was quite disappointing to arrive back at home to realize that it had only sprinkled there.  But shortly after settling in, it did rain a little more.  We are still far below what we need and the fire hazards have not been lifted, but at least some of the dust was washed back where it belongs!

Hope you have a fabulous week and happy crafting!


  1. Once again great pages Margaret. I need to get you working on the journaling now so others when looking at the pages can read the story.

    When you have lots of photos try creating a mini book. Have you ever made a paper bag album? So easy to create.

  2. Great layouts, I love how you manage to include so many pics in your layouts!! (That's what I like mine to be all about!!!) The way you cut the images for the second page looks terrific, too, very creative!!

  3. Fab layouts Margaret , wonderful memory pages well done hugs Elaine

  4. Oh please send some of that rain down this way!! We actually had showers in the area yesterday - but they all missed us. So hot and dry here!

    Great photos and the beach looks so inviting! Love the layouts you used for them too.


  5. I love looking at your vacation pictures. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  6. Nothing like the beauty of an orange grove. Great layouts- looks like y'all had a very happy time. :)

  7. Oh these pages are magical! The memories that you are building with the trip and keeping them fresh as a page are just going to be so special! Love!

    Yes, rain in Florida is pretty much a given in the summer, lol! But grab a poncho and keep on truckin! :) Wonderfully done!! x0x0

  8. Dont' you just wish you could have bottled some of that (a few hundred gallons) and brouht it back home with you! I think you'd be the envy of the neighborhood having beach front property right there in the midst of a drought! :) This weather is blistering and I don't foresee the heat advisories lifting until oh say, October! GAK...However, being forced inside has produced some excellent LO's on your part!
    Happy Early 4th of July!!! I'm going to the lake and will remain in the water until I have to drive back home!
    Lisa xx

  9. Wow, look at you go: scrapping the FL trip and making Christmas cards. Quite a productive summer vacation you are having so far =) Dry and oh so hot here, too. We've not had rain at our house in weeks. I am not complaining (too much!) knowing what our service men/women deal with day in and day out though. Happy Fourth of July !

  10. Love these layouts! The best pages are the ones where the pictures tell a story! I sometimes get carried away with embellishments...ha! Glad you recieved some rain we still have had none so that means no fireworks at all! Hope you have a safe and happy Fourth!!

  11. Great pages!!! Now I want to go to the beach too! :)


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