Monday, July 23, 2012

Scrapbook Monday at Hollywood Studios

Well, I survived another year of Kid's Camp! This post was created in advance because I knew that when we arrived back home on Sunday evening, I would be wiped out and not feel like doing anything but getting a shower and crawling into a real bed!  I'm hoping after a morning of sleeping in, I will feel much more human and find some time to create in between loads of laundry!

I have four MDS layouts for your viewing pleasure today.  They are all from Hollywood Studios.  We were told by several people how crazy we were to go there during the Star Wars weekend, but we figured why not get the added benefit.  All things considered, it wasn't insanely crowded and most of the people were waiting in line at the character meet and greets so we pretty much breezed into everything else.  It was however incredibly HOT! Good thing this was the smallest of the Disney parks!

Entering the park-a view of the sorcerer's hat, views of the 'streets' of Hollywood, 
a picture of the Roger Rabbit billboard (Catie loves this movie!)

pictures from Beauty and the Beast- a fabulous show with gorgeous
costumes, great effects, and wonderful singing, also our first show

A trip into Animation gave us some insight into creating an
animated movie.  I fell in love with the replica of the artists' 
work areas. They were a creatively cluttered and messy 
dream!-must be crafter's envy!

The girls loved seeing all of the Brave displays.  They also took
a short class to learn about drawing characters.  They both left 
the class with their own sketch versions of Dopey from 
Snow White. Super Cool!!  We even got a quick peek at 
Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl on their way to a greeting
station. The girls reverted to youthful giggles as the 
couple waved at them. Silly Mom did not have her camera
ready and missed that shot...

I am a very bad blogger and forgot to write down exactly which papers I used...  Still not used to this whole digital scrapbooking thing!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week and that all of us find some time to be crafty!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I bet you are still asleep in your real bed as I write this .
    Wonderful pages well done something fabulous to look back on . Hugs Elaine

  2. Fabulous layouts! The photos look amazing - I can just see how wonderful the Beauty and the Beast Show would have been (and I am now merrily singing "Be Our Guest" to myself). Looks like you had a stack of fun.

  3. Not to worry about papers, it just means we have to be creative :) Glad you survived, not sure I could do that with the heat, so I truly admire you. Great pages, love the layouts and how the pictures get to stand out so you can remember your trip.

  4. I'm wishing we went to Disney instead of Universal after seeing all of your fantastic photos =) Love that you found a Disney font to use on the pages!

  5. Fantastic layouts!!! I still revert to giggles and smiles- even with mall Santas. :)

  6. Glad you had fun at Kid's Camp and made it back in one piece! LOL

    More great layouts and photos. I really like the way you do these with so many photos on each page!


  7. I am soooo glad I don't have to do camps any more....ours were with Church and called Youth Conventions....hard work, but a ton of fun!
    Your photos are so crisp, and you always seem to choose the best layouts to go with the pics.....brilliant! You have a knack for letting the photos take centre stage, too...well done!

  8. WOohoo for surviving Kid's Camp :) Gorgeous layouts - we skipped HS this time around but it' a fun, quiet park to visit - of which you captured it quite well!

    How do you keep your digi pages - in a seperate file or printed out? I keep wondering how to look back at them, other than on the pc :) I am such a tactile person, I love scrapping so I can touch everything and move it all around!


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