Monday, July 30, 2012

Scrapbook Monday-The last of the Hollywood Studio pages

I have been working away on my Disney pictures! I am dreading the bill for printing these, but it will be so nice to have both girls' albums done at once.  I am amazed at how much easier MDS gets every time I use it.  Through trial and error , and an awesome class from my upline, Kelly (Thanks, Kelly!!), I am learning all kinds of ways to create my pages.  I'm also looking forward to the release of MDS 2, which has even more wonderful features and techniques. Stay tuned for more details!!

But on to my pages... Once again, I forgot to document the patterns of DSP and elements... Oops!

This page features pictures from our dining experience at the 
Sci-Fi Drive In Theater.  This was by far, the coolest place ever!  
Our table was a convertible car with small tray tables and bench 
seats.  Add to this the giant drive in movie screen showing old 
cartoons and Sci-Fi movie preview, AND a 'starlit' sky and we 
had the most amazing experience!  The food was yummy too!

This page is a variety of different places we visited at
Hollywood Studios. We went on the Great Movie Ride
and had a blast.  Our tour guide was super fun and when
we were hijacked by a gangster, he asked our girls if they 
ever robbed a bank.  They giggled and replied that they had 
not.  Then he wanted to know why.  They immediately 
pointed to their Daddy the police officer! So funny!

My last page is from the Indiana Jones stunt show.  We were amazed
by the skills of the stunt actors,  the special effect, and actually feeling 
the heat and pressure from the explosions.  This is the one page that I 
remember which DSP I used! It's from the Well Worn set and I thought
it went well with the adventurous theme of the pictures.

Well, that's all I have for now.  It is actually Sunday night as I create this post and tomorrow morning bright and early, we are going out to eat breakfast with my nephew before he moves to Wisconsin.  He recently took a  position as an assistant track coach for a college, and we are so proud of him and all he has accomplished.  We will really miss him, but are so thankful he found a job in his desired field!  But a 7 am breakfast date will require a decent nights sleep, so off I go!

Have a great week and happy crafting!


  1. Love the pages you created as it sounds like it was a great vacation. Now you will have to call your nephew a cheesehead like we Minnesotans call all Wisconsinites.

  2. I really wish we had done Disney rather than Universal after seeing all the fun things your family did ! I can't wait to hear more about MDS2 - I do know that there is a page elements list feature (woohoo!). Once again, great pages to remember the special family trip; love the Well Worn paper for the Indy pages =)

  3. Love your pages what a great thing to have as a memory for the girls. I love how you do the layouts and the background, so clean.

  4. Awesome! You have become quite the MDS pro!! I am loving seeing all of your pages!! Just think too how nice it will be to have this project accomplished!! I bow down to your greatness! :) Super pages!

  5. What a stunning memory book all these pages will make,and you were right to start straight away with it as all your memories were fresh, and you could put it all down on the pages for the future. Well done, you have made such a fabulous job of this . Hugs Elaine

  6. I love all of your pages Margaret! Kudos to you for getting this done and not one but two books. WooHoo!!! Our 2010 pictures were printed but that's it lol. You've made me want to get them out and get busy. :-) Awesome trip, memories & scrapping!!

  7. Super fun pages, so wonderfully encased for years to come! I like how the layouts are not so busy (like mine tend to be!) and you can focus right in on each picture and title - superb!! x0x0

  8. Great layouts, I really like how you did the title on the Indiana Jones one!!

  9. I am freaking out...the dinner stage looks AMAZING!!! My kids (especially the boy) would LOOOOVE this! Fantastic LO's Margaret. WOW! What a way to remember a fabulous family vacation!


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