Monday, July 16, 2012

Scrapbook Monday-Magic Kingdom

Hello! So glad you popped in to visit me and my little ol' blog! I am always so happy when I see I have a new follower or read someone's comments! It really is so amazing to me that out of all of the various blogs out there, we manage to stumble across others that really speak to us and make a connection that while it's not a 'physical' friendship, it still picks up our spirits and inspires us to try new things and keep creating.  So I really appreciate everyone who stops by to visit!

I know it's hard to believe, but I have more MDS Disney pages to share.  I feel like that lady.  You know, the one who invites everyone over for dinner after her vacation and then shares her 5 hour slide show with them...  I am hoping that since they are scrapbooked pictures, you will forgive me!  The three pages below are from our first evening at Disney.  We went to Magic Kingdom and managed to finish about half of the park before the fireworks began.  It was a very enjoyable evening and we actually had a nice breeze and cooler temps. 

Pictures from the restaurant... our first stop.  Check out
the Lady and the Tramp artwork on the plate-it was
CHOCOLATE!!!! So cool!

It was incredibly crowded in front of Cinderella's castle,
making picture taking a little difficult...

Various pictures from our evening.  After this page is printed, 
I'm going to let the girls do the journaling on the back to 
capture their impressions of the evening.

I had hoped to check out a website a friend of mine used for her Disney album, but without internet service, was unable to do that.  I'm hoping to find a day this week to download some Disney digi art and I may end up changing some of my original layouts, as well as use them on the new ones.  I did manage to make my own little Mickey head using buttons!  The first two pages used the brocade dsp in brocade blue.  The third page is real red with a brocade blue distressed stamp around the entire page.  I also lightened the opacity on the red so it wasn't quite so bright.

Well, that's it for today... Unfortunately, I have reached the point in my summer vacation where I have to start working again.  Mostly from home, but it makes me realize I don't have too many lazy days left... and I'm already cringing at back to school shopping and book rental!  If only summer could last another month!

Have a great week and happy crafting!


  1. These just make me want to go back to Disney World again! SO much fun and a memory you'll always cherish!
    Love the layouts - especially that last one! So many great photos on one page!

  2. Well share away because I love lookin' at your scrapped pages. These are fantastic Margaret! I loved your post too and totally agree with you. This little community of crafters is a swell place to be. :)

    Thanks for your sweet comments you left me. They brightened my day!!!
    Lisa xx

  3. Fabulous photo's and layouts Margaret .
    I went to Disney L.A several times in the seventies, I worked on cruise liners out of L.A at that time. I had 2 photo books full of super memories of my trips, until I did some decorating 10 years ago, I put everything into black bags and stored them in another room , when the decorating was finished I threw away, what I thought were two large littlewood's catalogue's in a black bag.
    The next day AFTER the bin men had been, I emptied out the bag thought to contain my photo albums to put back into the cupboard .... you guessed it, I had saved the catalogues, I was devastated . Your memories are stunning and you can enjoy them forever well done Hugs Elaine

  4. These are great pages and such wonderful memories you will have from this fun trip. TFS

  5. Great layouts~! And, terrific idea having the kids do the journaling---what a great way to remember their thoughts about the trip!!

  6. How fun these are!! Your girls will remember them forever :) e just got home yesterday from WDW, 5 days - 3 theme parks - 1 tired momma, lol. We had little crowds and no rain, amazingly - and now it hasnt' stopped raining here in Miami now that we are back home - gah!

    I'm ROFL at your 'that lady' - you know, that's what we blog for :) To share, to post, to talk, to get to know, to ramble, whatever is needed, we love it! Thanks for sharing your magical pages :) x0x0

  7. I LOVE the Disney font you used on the 2nd pg! I have such fond memories of Disney vacation when I was young... takes me back! TFS!

  8. Awww, love the Mickey head with buttons ! Awesome idea to let the girls journal their memories on the back. Great pages, fantastic photos, fun pages, unforgettable trip. Thanks for sharing =)


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