Monday, June 11, 2012

Scrapbook Monday- Good thing there's digital...

I think I am slowly getting things back in order from our vacation.  The laundry is almost  caught up (if that is really possible), there is once again food to eat in the house, and the lawn is mowed.  Of course there's still some weeding that needs to be done and the house never stays clean for long, but there's always tomorrow!!

I spent several hours Sunday evening working with MDS and my vacation pictures.  Since I am making pages for three separate books, I was not about to do this the old fashioned way...

Today's page features the very first pictures I took.  Now, I knew I would have hundreds of pictures by the time the week was over and that the girls would be pointing out things that they wanted photographed.  I did not however, plan to take many pictures before we even left Indiana!  We left around 7:30 in the morning and we were almost out of the next county when the girls noticed the cooling towers from the power plant.  They both thought it was a nuclear plant, so we explained that this plant burned coal and the huge towers were cooling towers and the white puffy stuff was not smoke, but steam.  They needed a picture of the tower.  Less than 15 minutes later, I was getting the request for the cool bridge we were getting ready to cross. Hmm... not even an hour on the road and I had already taken several pictures! Thank goodness for my digital camera and a rather large memory card!

I am keeping the pages rather simple at this point.  While I like the pictures I took, they are merely reminders of  our surroundings on the road trip. Plus, there's not a lot to be done when they are rather random pictures.  I may still go back in and add some embellishments before I get them printed.  I am still on the hunt for some wonderful digital Disney things and will attack those pictures at a later date.

On a side note... I have to share my recent mishap.  We spent an entire week in Sunny Florida. Lots of time outside in the sun and thanks to our precautions, we didn't get burned. Actually, you couldn't really tell that we got much sun at all. I repeat...A WHOLE WEEK IN FLORIDA...with a red head and an older DD who is fair complected.  Get where this story is going yet?  Well, Sunday, my youngest DD was walking with the Girl Scouts in a local parade.  The rest of us sat in our camp chairs to watch the sun...  She had sunscreen, we did not. Guess who is now a lovely shade of red...  Yep! I will have the most lovely farmer's tan in a few days. So now we are doing the whole aloe gel routine and from now on I am carrying a tube of sunscreen with me in my purse. Doh!!

Well, I hope everyone has a great week and hopefully I will be back later this week with another post! Happy crafting!!


  1. I think we have all been caught out with sunburn, hope its not too sore, still raining here!!

    Can't wait to see more of your lovely layouts, those towers of steam are one of the first things we see after a day out, due to a boom in chemical processing during the 60's & 70's in this area - how I hate them!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful vacation with lots of pictures with some great memories.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you didn't get your burn from the nuclear radiation plant you visted... ;) LOL! I love that your kids wanted obscure images of the trip, sometimes things you see along the way are neater than the trip itself. Reminds me of the ending to RainMan and all the pictures he took along the way.
    Easy does it with the burn and I hope your recouperation time is well spent crafting in the shade.

  4. LOVE that the vacation pics started basically out the door! That's the way to do it if you ask me! Hope your burns heal well. My farmer's tan from home is the only kind of color change I will get this year!

  5. This is great and can't wait to see the rest of the pages. Love that first picture as we don't have anything like that down here. Know y'all had a great trip....keep those photos coming!
    Take care of that burn!

  6. I missed a couple posts so have been catching up.....and seems like you had a ball....yaaaaaay! Random pics are not the easiest to scrap, but I tell myself that it's the story behind them that matters, and I think this counts as a pretty good story....will make you all smile, years down the road!
    Lookin' forward to seeing lots more....bring on the Mouse!

  7. Love your story about how the pictures came to be and the page, I like that the pictures and journaling are the main focus. The story about your mishap is too cute, isn't that the way, when on vacation, we think about those things, but at home not, why is that :) Hope your burn gets better.

  8. That's a great picture of the tower!! I like this layout, it's so clean & simple....I hvaen't tried digi yet but sounds like I may need to!!!:)

  9. Aww, the excitement of getting there is half the fun, just an extension of the countdown cards really! great start to the holiday scrapping :-)
    Hugs xxx

  10. Very nice photos and wonderful scrap page!

  11. Wonderfully done! The pictures are great! Yes, half the vacation is needing a vacation from the vacation! Welcome home!

  12. Terrific that the girls were actually looking out the windows and asking you to take photos. My kids were so plugged into electronic devices they missed a lot. BTW, if you see any photos I posted that you may like, let me know and I'll send you the full size image. I can't wait to see more pages!


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