Monday, June 25, 2012

Scrapbook Monday- At the beach

Welcome!  So glad you stopped by to visit me today!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We had a great weekend and got to do something new!  A family from our church recently added organic cheese making to their grass fed, organic farm business.  They had an open house this past weekend and we were able to see a bit of the cheese making process and tour the farm.  We had already tasted their cheese before (super yummy and so much more flavor than any of the store brands!!) but this was the first time we had been to their farm. Super cool!  I'm hoping to arrange some field trips for my preschool children next spring!

But enough of my rambling about the weekend! On to the scrapbooking!  Today I have two pages to share, both from our trip to Panama City Beach. DH and I were so excited for the girls to see the ocean, and couldn't wait to see their faces when they viewed it for the first time.  As luck would have it, our first view of the gulf was a bay area while we were driving to the hotel.  My oldest DD in a less than impressed voice said "I thought it would look bigger.  You can see the land all around it..."  Youngest DD chimed in with "Yeah! I didn't think it would look like this."  Oh, joy...

I really wish I would have video taped the girls when they arrived at the beach!  We took a small board walk that led us to the beach.  Because it was low tide, the girls could only see the upper part of the beach as we walked.  Then they climbed the hill to the actual beach.  They both froze, breath caught in throats, and then squealed as they ran to the water!  Now this was a much better response to one of God's most beautiful creations!  I did manage to take a quick picture before they reached the water.

When I saw this picture, I knew I wanted it to be the focal point of the page, and almost immediately the line from the song"I hope you dance" popped into my head.  While I wanted the lyrics to be a part of this page, I did not want to take away from the beauty of the picture, so I adjusted the opacity of the text by about 50% -still dark enough to be read, but not center stage.  BTW- if you are ever wanting to check the accuracy of the song lyrics, A-Z Lyrics Universe is an awesome site!

I had a lot of  pictures from the beach that were more "moment in time" than actual "story" pictures.  So I didn't do any journaling on this page.  I'm going to journal about the beach experience on the back of the first page, so they will remember comments and various things they did.  But these pictures really tell a story all on their own.  DH took the picture of the girls and I at the edge of the water.  I love the staircase effect, which by the way is sort of a trick angle since DD #1 is as tall as I am!  I added a small mat to the largest picture to help draw the eye there first.  Other than that, this was a super easy page too!  Just drag and drop!

Well, that's it for today!  I was already feeling overwhelmed at the number of pictures I had from our trip, then I saw my sister's pictures...  So now I have even more to add to the album!  This may be a 2 volume vacation book... And we're not even going to think about the printing costs at this moment!

Have a wonderful week and happy crafting!


  1. What great memories you have created for your girls and their first sighting of the ocean. I get that way everytime I see the ocean.

  2. Gorgeous photos and love the layouts, especially with the lyrics. You can never have too many photos! Thanks for the link to the lyrics site, too =)

  3. Fabulous memory pages Margaret and great story about the girls and the sea, its lovely to be able to look back at memories. Wewll done and fab photo's too Hugs Elaine

  4. Oh wow, great picture & terrific layout---I love the variety of sizes you used for the photos!!

  5. This is what it's all about, isn't it? What wonderful memories you'll be able to prompt them with, in the future. I forget how blessed we are to live less than an hour away from the sea.....but have so many fond memories...and pics!....of the first time each of our kiddles felt sand beneath their feet...haaaa!
    Love the way you are laying out your pages.....brilliant!

  6. It really is pretty awesome seeing a beach for the first time and all that expanse of water! So glad they liked it and from your post I can almost hear them squealing with delight! You picked a beautiful beach to visit - my husband was stationed there in the Navy many years back and we always went to the beach there - breathtaking beautiful!

    Love the page and all those fantastic photos - so many memories!


  7. Margaret, perfect pages, love the idea of the song lyrics, perfect for that page, and a great way to make the picture to be the main focal point by changing the opacity. Love both pages

  8. Now this is just awesome!! I'm so smiling at the squealing of them seeing the ocean for the first time :) I guess we take that for granted here, but we have similiar reactions to snow! :) Beautiful, beautiful - wonderful page and I totally got the song lyrics going through my head, too :)

  9. That's a moment they will cherish forever..seeing the ocean in all it's glory. What a fantastic layout of pictures! I can almost feel the cool breeze coming off the images. :) The lyrics to the song..the best!


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