Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Father's Day and 'I told ya...'

A rather odd post title, right?!  There is a little bit of a story (and proving a point) in the card I am sharing today.

I know I am not alone in my hoarding using everyday items in craft projects, so this is the perfect place to share this story...especially when I know you will completely agree with me!  

The story begins in Florida... While we were at Epcot, I bought the cutest BIG coffee cup.  (It has Goofy dressed in traditional German clothing on one side and 'Guten Morgen, Kaffee!' (Good morning, coffee!) on the back.  With both my love of coffee and my heritage, I couldn't pass it up.)  Since it was fragile, the gentleman in the store wrapped it in the coolest packing paper.  It resembled corrugated cardboard, but was thinner like craft paper and had this funky cut pattern as well.  Fast forward a few days to us returning home.  When we were unpacking everything from our trip, I carefully unwrapped my mug, folded the paper, and put it on the table by my crafting things.  This is where the story really kicks in...

DH-Hand that to me and I'll put it in the recycling.
Me- No, I'm going to keep it.
DH- Why? (insert completely confused expression here)
Me- It's kinda cool.  I'm going to hang onto it and use it for crafting.
DH-Oh... OK... (insert knowing eye roll here)
Me-What? (with complete understanding that he doesn't approve and the knowledge that it really doesn't matter if he understands)
DH- I was just thinking that you still have the other brown paper stuff (craft paper) you saved from the last shipping package and all of that gift wrap from my Mom (imagine hand made paper with embroidery...) and you haven't used any of that yet.
Me- Well, eventually I will come up with a great idea for them and then I will use them and it will be fabulous.
DH- Silent but with that all knowing look on his face...
Me- Silent but with that 'I'll show you...' look

Does this sound at all familiar to any of you?  Please tell me I'm not alone...  Anyway, as I was crafting last night I decided I was going to make my Father's day card for my Dad.  I don't usually make one for my husband because the girls love making their own and I think that means more to him anyway.  But, as I was going through supplies and deciding on a card for my Dad, I saw the crinkly packing paper.  It was calling my name and I swear I heard it say "Let's show him!  Make him a card using me and he'll HAVE to admit you were right in saving me from recycling!"  After that, it was a piece of cake to put a card together, and I loved the manly edge the paper added to the card.  I ended up making one for my Dad just like his.


close up showing detail of the packing paper (sorry it's a little blurry...)

So now I am patiently waiting for Father's Day to see if my DH notices the special paper on his card.  I'm hoping I won't have to point it out to him and ruin the moment that he realizes that his wife is brilliant and frugal and most of all...right!  And I won't think this is mean at all, because he was smart enough to marry me! (insert wink and smile here)

Have a great rest of the week and happy crafting!!

Card recipe: Cardstock-soft suede, crumb cake, Ink-soft suede, pastels, Stamp Set-Tool Shed background stamp, Accessories- artichoke denim ribbon (ret), Fabulous Packing Paper


  1. I totally, totally agree! That wrap is far too cute to throw, and he will definitely have to accept that you are a crafty diva.....haaa!
    Also love the background on your card....wonderful creation!

  2. The end of the story with the two of you standing quietly....hahahahahaha, that was hilarious.
    It was exactly the same at my house until the hubster automatically started asking, "Can I throw this away? How about this? This?"
    Let's just say the sentiment should say..."Told ya so!"
    That is the coolest wrapping ever..I really like where you took this card, nicely masculine! Where's pictures of the mug??? ;)

  3. LOL!!!! I love, love, love this story.....and oh, how I can relate!!! Just now I was pulling the tags off a new pair of jeans I bought....studying the tag to see what I could do with it.....and I pretty much got the exact same conversation from my husband!!! Too funny!

    I do love this card Margaret - and the paper is awesome! Like the tools in the background on here too! Fabulous for any guy and know your husband AND dad will love them. You'll have to let everyone know if he recognized the paper now!!


  4. Oh I can so relate to your conversation with DH. It happens here all the time. I love the fact that you can now "show him"! The card looks fabulous too.

  5. Boy can I relate to this. You put the gift wrap to super use and I love the tool dp you used. Perfection!
    BTW, what husband would NOT appreciate a frugal wife. :) He should be jumping for joy. Eh?

  6. Great story Margaret, and a great card, you will have to let us know if it does recognize the paper. I know how you feel, I think any crafter does, after all look what we save from the landfills

  7. Hey Margaret! It was good to hear from you :) yeah, it's been a long time! Thank you so much to pop by :)
    I just HAD to comment this one, as the card is just fabulous!! The sentiment is great, love it!!! xxx lucia

  8. AWESOME CARD and repurposing of "trash" ! And thanks for the giggles, loved reading your story of how it came to be =) Do tell, did he recognize it ?


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