Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let the countdown begin!

This year, my family has made a major splurge and we are taking the girls to Disney World for the first time.  We are staying at the resort, using the park hopper passes, and the dining plan-the whole package!!  My sister is also going with us and I think she is as excited as my girls are!  The day after we received our first planning postcard from Disney (which caused a lot of excitement), this arrived in the mail...


My girls thought this was the coolest thing!  Then a little later, this one arrived...


Now they are constantly going to the mailbox to see if Aunt Christie sent another countdown card!  I have inside information that there are several cards already created and ready to be mailed, but I'm not sharing that with them!

We are already making plans on where we will be dining and what we will be checking out.  If anyone has a favorite, I would love to hear about it!!


  1. How exciting for you all.....and what a cool auntie!

  2. What a cute way to get everyone prepared for this wonderful trip y'all are going to have! And I already know you'll have so much fun!
    It's been many years since I was there and I was just like a kid in the candy store the entire time!

  3. How exciting for everyone!!! The memories even will have and the fun, wowl. This is such a great idea, love it. Have a great weekend.

  4. oooh, I am so envious! I would love to go to Disneyland one day. I can't wait to hear all about it.


  5. I am SO excited for you guys, the girls will have a blast as well as the big kids in the group! :-) As for dining, Epcot offers wonderful restaurants so my advice would be to choose your cuisine and go from there. As for my family we never pass up a chance to dine in Italy and the Tutto Italia Ristorante has been newly renovated and reopens May 1st, YAY!!!
    Soooo ExCited for all of you {I said that already, lol} but I am.

  6. Wow! How exciting for you all! And those countdown cards...what a wonderful idea :-DDD
    I'm sure you will have an amazing time!
    Hugs xxx

  7. What a sweet, memorable thing for your sister to do ! HAVE FUN on your big trip =)

  8. What an awesome idea with those cards! I need to remember that.

  9. Pinned it on Pinterest. Now I will remember this fantastic idea! Had to share again.;)

  10. Soooo cool! Disney is truly a magical place!! You are going to love it! Be sure to do a character meal! They are a hoot!! Take lots and lots of pictures! Cannot wait to see those scrappy pages! :)


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