Thursday, February 8, 2018

Valentines Banner(aka: I told you I would use that...)

Hi and welcome to my Throwback Thursday/Told You So post!! My DH is known for his eye rolling technique when I'm insisting that we shouldn't toss something because it can be used later.  I hate to admit that I probably save way more than I should, however, I do manage to use just enough to tell him 'I told you I would use that...'  Today I'm sharing a banner that not only uses more of those circular I 💓You pieces, but it also uses a worn out hair pony.  Yes, you read correctly... a hair pony! I regret to share that I didn't have a before picture of it. You probably would have questioned my sanity, but the 'after' is so pretty, I think you'll agree that I did ok! 

 My girls loved having pretty hair ponies to match every outfit and over the years I can't tell you how many were broken or worn out and tossed.  Except this really sweet pink sheer fabric had rhinestones on it... and it was just so darn cute... even if the elastic was severely stretched out and not functional any more...  So DH really almost rolled his eyeballs completely around when I put it in a container to save for 'later'.  I think there may have been an "Are you kidding me?" or a "You have lost your mind." but in the container it went-for several years...

When we moved, I rediscovered it, took it out of the container, and put it in a tiered basket stand so I would be more likely to use it.  When I decided to use the circles to make a Valentines banner for our mantle, I spotted the pony and KNEW this was what I was saving it for!

the paper part of the banner-layers of slightly grunged pretty paper

the finished project- just look at that pretty pink 'ribbon' separating the pieces!

This banner was truly a 'stash' project! The circles and the pony of course, but the twine that was used to string everything together came off of a Christmas gift.  Saving that was a no brainer, as it was a huge piece of fabulous twine!!  When I asked DH to help me hang the banner, he commented on how cute it was.  Then DD2 looked at it and asked "Is that my old pony on there?"  Cha! Ching! Score one for the hoarder thrifty crafter!  DH just laughed and said "I know... Now I'm not allowed to comment on you saving trash anymore...".  Of course, we all know he will and it will be complete with another wonderful eye roll.  But that's ok.  I'll just have to prove him wrong again!

Project Recipe: Paper-whisper white, pretty in pink, Patterns Love DSP (ret), Ink-real red, soft suede, crumb cake, Stamp Set-Sweet Centers (ret), Accessories-Banners and Hearts framelits, an old used up pony, twine, Very Vanilla lace trim


  1. Thrifty crafter is right and it's so pretty and fun. Brings back a lot of great memories too!
    Love your banner!

  2. Your posts are always so much fun to read, Margaret, and your projects are inspiring ! I love your banner and that you have such a pretty place to display it.

    1.'re making me blush! DH is pretty awesome and single-handedly made our beautiful fireplace and repurposed the old barn beam for the mantle. I LOVE it (and him!)!!


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