Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A word for the new year

Over the years, I've found resolutions to be less than effective for me.  I have tried to be more reflective as a new year starts and look back at mistakes and pitfalls.  I also manage to find some things that I've done very well and want to continue into the new year.

Since I've been blogging, I've noticed that some people choose a word to be their focus instead of a list of resolutions.  I liked this idea but have always been too much of a 'big picture' personality to find one word to fit my needs.  The past couple of days were very low key compared to the pace of preparing for three Christmas celebrations and a wedding.  I found myself thinking and wanting to find my one word (I think this also was a result of reading Eat, Pray, Love earlier this fall).  But which word would encompass all that I want to accomplish, how I want to feel, and how I interact with others?  Oh, the pressure of finding that one perfect word...

Enough was one of my first thoughts.  Not as in "I've had enough!", but "Be happy with enough."  This applies to my financial goals.  It's not as hard to stick with a budget when you focus on what you 'need' and manage to make do with what you have.  We've actually paid off several bills this year using this word.  But the word 'enough' only seemed to cover part of what I want to achieve.

Balance was another great word that came to mind.  This was actually something I thought about several months ago when it was thrown out as a challenge for ABAC.  I think finding our personal balance is very important to being happy and I am constantly trying to adjust my 'scale' to keep things relatively balanced.  This means prioritizing the things that occupy my time and saying no to the things that don't fit on the scale.  But again, this wonderful word didn't quite fit everything either.

I finally gave up and decided that when the time was right, my word would come to me.  Hours later I took a break from the laundry to peek at my Pintrest feed.  I saw all kinds of inspirational words that others were pinning for new years and while they were all either poignant, endearing, or motivating, they were not what I was looking for.   I decided to pin a few of them for future use and while I was there, I checked my own board.  This seemed to jump at me...

A good life...

Easy, right?! hehe!  Then my wandering eyes settled on this beauty...

Dr. Seuss wisdom…

Suddenly my word was right there... SIMPLE.  One little word that encompasses so much.  Keep things simple can mean anything from my shopping list, my 'to do' list, plans, parties, or solving problems.  It's also something that I've already introduced in 2013.  Our new budget has helped us simplify our purchases.  My recent need to declutter the house has made me realize that I don't need nearly as many things as I once believed; and by keeping my plans and schedule simple, I will have more free time to do impulsive and meaningful things for others instead of telling them I can't right now.  So now I can rest my brain knowing that my word for 2014 is simple and I should be too!!

I wish everyone a very happy and meaningful new year!  May your days be filled with importance and love for others.  May you find peace and contentment in what you have, and may you always find time to create something you love!!  Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


  1. taking a word to describe what you watn to see accomplished for the new year and then expanding on it is genius Margaret. I still went the resolution and goal route. But, I like your idea so much better. thanks for sharing this thought process with us. happy New Year

  2. Fabulous Post Margaret! I have a wonderful stencil which says "I am enough!"
    I am to my concepts too. I think it is so easy to get caught up in the meaningless and as a result the meaningful sustaining and enriching people and experiences get lost! Here's to a Simple 2014.

  3. Hello! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I have missed you. I loved reading this post, and I think SIMPLE is a perfect word. In this world I think things are over-complicated, and we could all do with simplifying things. Happy New Year to you! xx

  4. I think your word is perfect Margaret and we should all learn to simplify our lives as we live only once. We need to take time and enjoy it and not clutter it up lol. I've never chose a word before and actually decided to do that this year. When I get back to regular blogging I'll share it and maybe we can encourage one another this year. Happy 2014 my friend! Hugs

  5. What a wonderful read and how perfect is your Dr. Seuss reference to a way of life. I despise making resolutions. I much more prefer to shock and awe myself as the year progresses; however, what you've chosen to focus on here is truly simple in form but huge on impact. I love this idea!
    Cheers to a non-complicated year and hugs to you!

  6. What a great word!!!!! I could use more "simple" too. We always talk about resolutions, by season, or goals. I've seen other bloggers pick words and had trouble, like you, picking just one. Simple- LOVE IT! Here's to 2014 being simply wonderful!

  7. Lovely post to read - and I love your final choice for the word of the year (as well as the Dr Seuss inspiration!)... Have a wonderful, simple 2014!!
    Alison xx

  8. Amen, sister! What a fantastic word of the year! It was my mantra last year and let me tell you, it's easier to achieve than it might seem! Let everything in your life be simple - rather than buy that new stamp, go dig through what you have :) From dinners to thoughts, let that moment of simplicity take the forefront. Hugs to you this 2014!

  9. Another terrific post , Margaret. A "word" of the year concept is one I've not heard of.......... I wish you a "simple" new year :)


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