Monday, May 14, 2012

Scrapbook Monday-sort of...

Well, I did manage to find some crafting time over the weekend, but it was not for scrapbooking.  I needed to make Mother's Day cards for my mom and mother in law, plus I had a special project I needed to make for some children at church.  I did use MDS for the project, so that is sort of like scrapbooking right?! (help me out here!).  I have found that I LOVE MDS for any project that I am making more than two! So incredibly easy to replicate!!

Ok, there is a story that goes with this project so bear with me.  If you are impatient and don't want to hear my entertaining tale, then scroll down to the picture!

I volunteer at our church as the children's song leader.  When they are to sing at church, I am responsible for teaching them the songs and also helping them practice.  Sunday, our church celebrated the 1st Communion of 8 children, as well as Mother's Day.  I have been working with this group since January to help them learn the song they would sing as a group.  Usually, I have a few divas and hams that really belt out the songs, but this year's group was rather reserved and quiet.  I decided I needed to work something out to get them to sing loud enough for other people to hear them.  Three weeks ago, we practiced in the church and I told them I would make a deal with them.  I said, "If you guys can all sing out the first time we practice, do you know what that means?" My answer was we would only sing it one time...but before I could finish, one quick young man replied, "You'll give us a lifetime supply of chocolate!"  Well, being the chocoholic that I am, I had to laugh and said "Nooooo...  But if you sing it well the first time, we won't have to practice it again."  Then I added, "and maybe I will have some chocolate for you after church."
Now, I should have known that children never forget anything you promise them, especially if it involves candy.  At our next practice, they reminded me about our deal.  So, there I was trying to figure out how to keep my word in a tactful way that wouldn't just be about giving chocolate.  I decided a cute wrapper would work nicely.  Normally I would buy the 'good' chocolates as a gift, but I am sure these guys and gals will be just as happy with their full size Hershey bar!  The sentiment on the wrapper is taken from the words of the song the children learned for their special day.  I printed this out on regular printer paper and cut it to fit around the Hershey bar.  A little bit of tape and I was done!

The kids did a wonderful job and even smiled while they were singing!  After church, I presented them with their gifts.  I'm hoping they took the time to read the wrapper before tearing into the chocolate!  I'm also hoping no parents are ready to beat me for giving their child chocolate while they were in their nice clothes!!

I was so proud of myself for making notes while I made this, so I can share the supply list!!  The background is Script in kraft, tree image from Thoughts and Prayers in pear pizzazz, text was Daun Penh in early espresso.

I will be back later in the week with the Mother's Day cards I made!  Happy crafting!!


  1. What a great way to have the children sing loud and also to eat chocolate.

  2. Love it and such a creative fun idea for the kids. Your story was so much fun to read, TFS

  3. Margaret, what a wonderful story and cute holder for that chocolate! I know the kids were probably more interested in the chocolate, but that's ok! LOL! Glad they did such a great job with that song too.

  4. Oh, how sweet is this? They must have totally loved your gift! I know how much work you must have put into this....I was our church's Primary leader for the longest time, and was always making treats like this for the kiddles.....loved it!
    Do you know about this site
    They have tons of ideas and freebies for teaching singing and music to children. :D

  5. "OH OH, pick me..OVER HERE....I can sing LOUD too!!!!!!!!"
    Margaret, this is beyond SUPER cool. Bribery, ahhhh yes and chocolate nonetheless...BRILLIANT!!! LOL..I'm 42 and it still works on me. :)
    This is a great idea and I love that the words of the song are on the wrapper too. That is a genius idea. :)
    Thank you for the note and I'm counting down days for you...WOO HOO!!!!
    Hugs to you my friend,
    Lisa xx
    P.S. Eric likes chocolate too...hahahahaha, but it would probably melt going over there, so you should just send it here. Haha!

  6. I love this Margaret and having worked with children over the years all I can is-sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Kudos to you and the kids for a great job, I hope they read the wrapper too! :)

  7. Oh that's a great story!! Kids don't forget the important things like chocolate. If only they would remeber to clean their rooms...
    Love this creation!! Perfect candy bar cover and very clever.

  8. Aww, bless them! Isn't it funny how kids remember Chocolate but never chores?? Ha ha!
    Cute wrappers you made to go around the bars though, much better than just handing them over :-)
    Hugs xxx

  9. Loved how you found another wonderful use for MDS - and thanks for sharing the story behind the project =)


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