Monday, May 21, 2012

Scrapbook Monday- Raiding the Stash

Hello! I have an actual scrapbook page today, and it's not even from my sister's birthday!!  I finally got some pictures from our 2010 trip to Gatlinburg, printed. I didn't realize just how many pictures I took at the aquarium until they were printed and in my hands...sheesh!  Of course, DD wanted pictures of all of the animals and they HAD to go in the scrapbook.  I would have really been stressing out over this (um... is 20 fish pages overkill?!) except that I did a little cleaning the other day.

I have a drawer of scrapbooking stuff where I tend to put odd and ends, kind of like a junk drawer, only definitely not junk!  I found some photo sleeves that can be used to make a waterfall type display on a scrapbook page.  I don't remember when I bought them and I think they were from Creative Memories (?), but thought 'I should remember to use them someday'.  Well, today is that day!! On this one page, I have 9 pictures!!!! Not too shabby!

Sorry the picture is all lopsided and has shadows! 
Mr. Sun and Ms. Camera did not get along today!!

I ended up using these for 3 different pages.  So now there will only be 6 pages from the entire weekend.  Still a lot, but DD is happy and I will be done with the pictures from this trip!! The big plus is that I used up some of my stash!

After I finished this page, I realized that the sleeves wouldn't have to be used to recreate this, especially if going in a page protector.  So here is how to do the waterfall without the photo sleeves...

  1. For the top layer, cut a piece of card stock 4 1/2 x 6, then add 1/4 inch for each additional layer (ex. 4 3/4, 5, 5 1/4)  If your photos are vertical, it would be 4 x 6 1/2.
  2. Score at 1/2" to create the fold at the top. Repeat for each layer.
  3. Use brads to attach all layers together.
  4. Attach photos to each layer, lining them up at the fold line.
  5. Use sticky strip to attach the waterfall to your page.

On a different note...I've made another crafting resolution.  I am going to do at least one project a week that uses my older supplies.  I have so much paper, ribbon, stickers, and embellishments that I could probably do this for years!  To keep things realistic, I'm planning on doing this through the summer when I have a little more time to go through things.  Since posting my scrapbook pages has helped me stay on task, I am going to try the same thing with these projects! So starting Friday, I will have a post using my oldies but goodies!  Keep me in line!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!  Thanks for visiting me and happy crafting!!

Scrapbook recipe: paper and embellishments from stash, SU brights brads, simply scored, sticky strip


  1. Love all of the beautiful blues on this layout! So pretty! :)

  2. Great resolution, I am trying to use up everything in my room as well....let's see how long I can do that. Love your page, the layout is perfect allowing for the pictures and the colors with the brads.

  3. Awesome summer resolution chica!!! Can't wait to see what other beauties you create. I'm finding that I love digging through my scraps to use, but doesn't appear to be dwindling as fast as I'd like. The reward was to buy new stuff, but this could last for years....... :]

  4. Margaret I had to pop on over and thank you for your sweet comment on my scrap page only to find you are quite a talent yourself! I love this idea of waterfalling photos. Sounds like I'm much like your daughter and want to scrap every photo! I can't wait to see what you do with your stash..another great idea!

  5. Margaret, this is a fantastic idea - and so cute with that layout! Maybe that's one reason I've never even attempted to scrap book.....I mean how do you ever decide which photo to use - and now you've used them all! GREAT!

  6. Oh, how clever.... and focused!....are you?
    The page is adorable...looks like a great trip...and the blues are just perfect.
    My head hurts if I try to think about getting on top of years of holidays, trips, parties, etc., so I stand back in amazement at your determination....and don't ask me to keep you in line.....I'm way too much of a procrastinator...haaaa!

  7. What a great Page! Love the Waterfall Picture Idea. Less Pages but you get to use all the Pictures you want on a Page. Love it!!!

  8. What a wonderful page to remember the fun trip! good plan for using your older supplies - looking forward to seeing what yo make!

  9. Great idea to use up your "old" stash! I think we all have sooo much needing using ;-)
    Love the idea of getting lots of pictures on a page too, it does put me off scrapping, having loads of pages with a little on them, might even get me started?? Great idea!
    Hugs xx

  10. I am always fighting to get more pic's on a page than I have room for so many thanks for this grand idea Margaret. The how-to is informative & helpful and is a great resource to have. It looks like your DD had a ball at the aquarium and I'm in awe of how task oriented you've been. I need to set some crafty goals as there's so much I want to do with only so much time to do it. It will help me stay focused so you've inspired me yet again.
    Great page and hope the rest of your week is awesome!

  11. you go girl!! thats been my motto for the past two years ..use what you got!! its amazing what we can amass (hoard!) over the years :) this is a wonderful page! I'm so proud of you for saying you were going to scrap more and have stuck with it ..what great pages to have as memories!! xoxo

  12. Great layout, the waterfall idea is terrific!!

  13. Thanks for shraring the waterfall idea to add more photos to a scrapbook page =)


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