Friday, May 11, 2012

and the countdown continues...

Here's another fabulous Disney countdown card  from my sister!  My girls are keeping track of who's turn it is to open the cards!! I'm just hoping they won't keep expecting so many cards from my sister after the trip...

and the inside... 
the color is a little wonky, not sure what happened...

We've made our dinner reservations and have scoped out some of the attractions.  I never thought I would put so much planning into a trip.  I'm usually a 'kick back and enjoy the ride' type on vacations!  My husband was thrilled to find out that the suite we are staying in opens right before we arrive. No worries about bed bugs and unnamed contaminants for Mr. Germophobe!!  I'm just excited that there are two bathrooms and multiple pools!!!


  1. How nice to do a coundown for her Margaret....I hope you all have a fabulous trip , sounds like you have it all in hand. Fab cards Have a nice weekend Hugs Elaine

  2. Another cute "countdown reminder"! So fun and just precious!
    Glad y'all won't have to worry about the bedbugs too! LOL!

  3. Oooh, just 4 days!! Whoop whoop! I bet everyone is getting really excited now?? and think of all those pictures to scrap too!! ;-)
    Hugs xx

  4. its getting closer -and your girls will love Disney-my first visit was as an adult and I loved it

  5. I'm sure you will all have a fabulous time!!! There will be sooo many pictures to scrap too (over 1000 photos in 5 days for us!!!).

    I think you have made a good decision to plan ahead - there's so much to see & do you don't want to miss anything. We came back exhausted so hope you have another couple of weeks holiday to recover!! xx

  6. Fun countdown card! what fun you will have!

  7. What a cute idea---the flamingo image is terrific!!!

  8. What a cool aunt your girls have!!! You guys are going to have so much fun and I'm excited for all of you.

  9. What a wonderful sister / aunt to keep making countdown cards. What a wonderful addition to a scrap album - and more memories for the big trip =)


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