Friday, June 13, 2014

Flashback Friday-Return of the border stickers....

Did you ever go through your supplies and cringe at some of the things you purchased?  Things so bad that you smack your forehead as you say "What was I thinking????"  You know...those things you had to have because they were so cute/cool/trendy/on sale/in the store...    I may have made a few irresponsible purchases over the years, but most of my 'yikes' supplies were at one time a great purchase.  Border stickers are a perfect example.  When I started scrapping, these were all the rage.  No page was complete unless you had the perfect banner spanning the length of your page.  Coming up with your own title was crazy talk!!  So I had a huge pile of these wonderful stickers for every occasion you could imagine.  My mistake? Buying waaaaay too many of them and then realizing I could make my own titles and use paper I already had for a border.  So now I have a file folder full of various borders.  I could throw them away (and honestly a lot went to my girls for them to use for whatever), but I decided to challenge myself to use some of them.  I cut several apart and used them to frame photos on some pages, filled in some gaps on others.  I won't bore you with those pages, but I couldn't help but to share this one which is quite a throwback style...

Check out the fall border stickers in all their glory!! 
Top AND bottom!!  Gotta have the bookend effect!!

I am telling myself that the pages will be fine since the photos are several years old (not quite border sticker old, but still).  Maybe no one will know that they were put together in the present time!!  

So sorry about the glare on the page but with all of the rain we have been getting, I could not get a decent photo... Notice the glare off of the lovely glossy sticker! LOL!

So what was your 'I can't believe I own this' item?  I would love to know!!!  Even better, use it to make something and share a link to your creation!!!  Who knows, I might even give away a prize for the the best forehead slapping item!  Have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. I have so many "can't believe I bought this" items I couldn't even begin to start with one! LOL!
    I actually love the banner stickers you used on here and it made into a wonderful page! Love it!

  2. Your post made me smile, Margaret... Even though I've not been at this that long, I'm already aware of how "fashions" change, even in the crafty world. Not only that, but how one changes as a crafter oneself - so things I thought I wanted to play with really don't have that same appeal any more. But I'm so happy to see that those purchases can still be pressed into action - a fun, colourful page, and the banners work really well with the photos!
    Alison xx

  3. I am with Lynn-I like the border stickers you used on thislayout-and I also have stuff that I bought and have never used because I don't know why I bought it (lol)

  4. Hi Margaret. Love this fun layout and your stickers have gone well with it. We're in the start of renovating the house and my craft area had to be packed up. Needless to say I have unearthed lots of hidden 'treasures' that I had to have and have never used... layered stickers, mini pegs, paper stacks (quite glitzy) that I was going to use as card bases, papers I really don't like any more etc. etc... My old school took care of quite a few of these items, but I have many more that will need to be used. You've inspired me to see what I can use some of the bits and pieces for. Cheers, Di

  5. You know styles come full circle! If you wait long enough, people will say you're ahead of your time!! :) Now I'm terrified to open my craft drawers for fear I'll be inundated with the 90's. The banners you used do look really nice on this though SIB and I especially love the journaling on the edges. :)
    Happy weekend!

  6. Great job on this and yes we all have things that we have had forever, we bought of course cause we couldn't live without it and now it sits and sits and sits. Well you are inspiring us to think about those things and maybe will bring them out sooner than later.


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