Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feeling Scrappy II

Here are a few more pages from the wedding album I recently created.  It was amazing how quickly I finished these when I knew I had a deadline.  Maybe I need to make deadlines for all of my scrapping pages :-)
It helped that I had all of my supplies for the album setting out where I could see them and just grab what I needed!!

The first page will have 3 pictures down the center.

This page will have a 5x7 and 3 smaller pics. I love the flowers on this one!

This page will have an assortment of different sized pictures on it. I don't usually do 2 page layouts, but there are several in this album.  Made designing the album a lot easier!!


  1. this is turning out to be a lovely creation. i find i can create the best when everything is laid out in front of me. i just have to make a big 'ole mess and then i can really create. lol

  2. Your wedding album is turning out great and I am sure the recipient is going to love putting their pictures in it.

  3. These are so cute too!! I love how you've used the same font throughout the layouts. Beautiful!!


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