Monday, August 8, 2011

Gifts and a fun project

Yesterday, I posted the card I made for the hostess appreciation day held by my upline's upline, Tiffany.  Today I have pictures of the make n' take that we made and the gift she made for us for attending and helping.  I also won some super cute felt flowers! My upline, Kelly, won the card contest with an awesome card that looked like a bra (it was all lacy and fancy). Then when you turned it over, it was a thong w/ a little tattoo peeking out! I did not get a picture of it, sadly, but if she puts it on her blog, I will post it here. It was really too cute and funny! Here is the make n' take we made...

I thought it was such a great idea! The little pockets are made from business size envelopes! And here is my gift from Tiffany...

I love it! The two flowers are magnetic to hold notes, wish lists, or sketch ideas! Thanks, Tiffany for a great day and some wonderful gifts!


  1. Love your card in those wonderful colors! So pretty.
    Sounds like y'all had a good time too.
    Great little note holder.


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