Monday, August 15, 2011

Cleaning and Playing

Well, I'm finally doing it! I'm cleaning out my stamping supplies and trying to make some room for new goodies that I want to get! I decided that until I got rid of some older stamps, I wasn't going to order any more new sets. Quite the incentive!! Anyway...some stamps went straight into the remove pile without a second glance, most went into the maybe pile, and some stayed in the keep pile.  Since there were so many that were 'maybe', I came up with a solution.  I will either stamp a few cards w/ the stamp (set), stamp several images to be used later, or play around with it for a week then decide.  After an evening of playing, I moved several sets to the remove pile and only 1 went to the keep pile (if you know me at all, you know how major that is for me!!).  I am not finished w/ my maybe pile, but at this rate, I should be finished sorting by the end of the week. I have several friends who are just getting started in stamping and I'm giving them 'first look' at my remove pile, then whatever is left will be for sale. OK, I just realized how much I have rambled about what I'm doing (not really what you come here to see...) and not enough of what I made (hopefully, what you came to see :-).  So, here is a card that I made with the one stamp that I decided to keep!

There is not a lot of SU product on this card.  I used some cardstock that was left from a scrapbooking project I created a while back and I honestly have no clue who made it.  Neither the leaf nor the sentiment are SU either. I did however use SU inks (pretty much the only kind I have!) and the twine is also from SU. The pic is a little fuzzy, but you get the idea! I love autumn and knew that the leaf stamp needed to showcase nature's beautiful fall colors.  I used  pumpkin pie, soft suede, cherry cobbler, and crushed curry.  Next time, I will share some cards using a stamp that will be finding a new home.


  1. Great way to "weed out" some stamps you don't want. I really need to do this too. I was just thinking today that I'd NEVER be able to use all these stamp sets I have - yet want more! LOL!
    Love this fall pretty with the different colored leaves.

  2. I'm glad you decided to keep this set! Such a pretty card you created with it! Congrats on the clean out! I started to do that recently and it felt pretty good to shed some unused stamps. I like your idea to stamp a few images for later before letting them go. That's a great idea! :)

  3. Great set to keep! Love the fall card you made!!


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