Sunday, June 28, 2015

I've been cheating...

Have you ever put together a few cards that were SO simple that you felt like you were cheating?  Well, I have always heard of people doing 5 minute and 10 minute cards, but put them in the same category with unicorns, comfortable dress shoes, and tasty calorie-free treats!  So I was a little shocked when I managed to knock out not one, but FOUR cards in about ten minutes-and most of that time was picking out my papers...  CRAZY!!!!

I also have a confession to make.  I know that Project Life is huge right now and there are so many people doing amazing things with these kits, but I cannot get into it!  I have tried several times to create those 'in a few minutes' scrapbook pages and spent over an hour trying to decide just how to make things work for me.  Since Stampin' UP is offering many stamps, kits, and supplies in the new catalog, I felt like I needed to give it another try.  I am still not sold on the scrapbooking part (I really like my big blank canvas approach), but I can see the benefit of using the kits for cards.

I used the retired Everyday Adventure kit to make my super simple cards.  Many of the papers have blank spaces for titles or writing.  This makes stamping really easy! Then all I had to do was trim the 4x6 pieces, attach them to my card bases, and add a little embellishing (or not!).

This card used another piece of pattern paper, 
two strips of washi, and I even used the piece
I cut off of the 4x6! No waste at all!!

I added a puffy 'doodad' sticker to this one.

The strip cut from the second card found its 
way to the bottom of this card.

And this one doesn't have a single thing
added to it, other than the sentiment!

I'm still in a minor state of shock over how quick this went and how much I liked the finished cards.  Nice and flat for mailing too!  No lumpy cards here!!  The papers in this kit worked so well for the masculine style I was needing, and I'm sure the guys won't miss the ribbons and embellishments!
While I'm sure I won't give up my more traditional card making, it is nice to know that if it's crunch time, I can make a card (or four) in under ten minutes!

It's another busy day for our family tomorrow and this Mama is getting sleepy so it's off to bed with me!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  It makes my day a little brighter knowing that I'm not alone out here!!  Have a fantastic week!


  1. YEA for 10 minute cards!!! And all of these are wonderful Margaret. Great design and I love the second on and those pretty papers.

  2. LOLOL....Yeah! No lumpies in the postal system. You are absolutely one of the most hilarious people and I myself also have a category for "hopeful, but probably not" items in my brain. I totally stealing unicorns to add to mine. Your quicky cards are FABULOUS and they have a nice sleek look for a woman, but tough enough for a man!
    Nicely done.
    Big hugs to you SIB,
    Lisa x

  3. Wow!!! Look at you!! When you approached this idea, you went all in!! 4 cards and each one is spectacular!! I love the simplicity in them, it gives them such elegance! It's always fun to have a plan to make something and let creatively take over :) love that puffy doodad!
    Have a fabulous holiday weekend!!

  4. well I don't think its cheating at all- designer papers make such pretty cards and you are showing that with these cards

  5. great cards, and it's not cheating, using up some of the things you have, especially if not going to use them for scrap booking, might as well get some use of them. so kudos to you. Sorry haven't been around much, just super busy. Hugs to you and hope your summer is going well.


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