Sunday, November 4, 2012

Anything But a Card Challenge 5 and Bunny Trails

There is still a week to play along at Anything But a Card Challenges.  Our theme is so simple- BLACK.  It doesn't get more basic than that!!  Here is my design team creation...

I often use black as an accent color in my scrapbooking, but I think this might be the first page I've made where it was the primary color.

If you are just visiting to see my layout, I will not be offended if you decide to skip the rest of this post.  But, if you would like to take a little walk around my brain and get a glimpse of what my family lives with on a daily basis, read on!

Now, if you are looking at my layout and wondering what in the world this could possibly have to do with bunnies, don't feel bad.  You are not losing your mind and I promise I haven't either (well, at least not about this!).  This page came to be as a result of what I refer to as bunny trails.  Still don't understand? Let me explain exactly what a bunny trail is...

Many years ago, I worked for a great director who was incredibly organized.  I mean REALLY organized.  For the record, by nature, I am not... at all!!!  It was a great working experience because she kept me on track and I learned to be a very effective teacher with her help. We invented the term 'bunny trails' for those times when I would set out on one project and end up somewhere completely different.  You bunnies hopping all over the place and not really going anywhere. You can see where their trails are, but can't seem to locate a definite destination.  Often, my bunny trails were a good thing because I would be working on something and end  up with a solution to a different problem that had been weighing on my mind.  While there are times that I have to stop my bunnies from running rampant, I have learned that most of the time I am better off just going with it and seeing where it leads me.

So how does this relate to my page? This is the end of my bunny trail which started as a page for the last challenge.  I was planning to do a Halloween layout and wanted to use one of my left over pieces from the Ghoulish Googlies treat kit.  I started out trying to use the colors in the circle tag, but none of them went with the pictures I was scrapping.  So I decided to pull out the Howlstooth & Scaringbone DSP and see if any of the patterns would work.  I really liked the herringbone pattern and dots, plus they went with my pictures so I was set.  I found an old Page Maps sketch and got busy.  About half way through the page, I realized this would work much better for the next challenge 'using black'. Hmmmm...  Would I really find a better project than this one to display the color black?  Probably not!  So I finished this page and then started from scratch on a new page for the Fall/Halloween theme.  Did it take me twice as long to get that challenge done? Yes!  But now I am a project ahead and have more time to play around without ANY requirements!! Gotta love those bunny trails...

I am sure I am not the only one who does this and I hope this encourages you to let those bunnies run free and see where they go!  Have a wonderful week and happy crafting!

Page Recipe:  Cardstock-whisper white, basic black, Howlstooth & Scaringbone DSP, Stamp Set-Googly Ghouls, Ink-whisper white, basic black, Accessories-scallop circle punch, tag from Ghoulish Googlies kit, white letter stickers from stash


  1. Thanks for explaining bunny trails. I definitely take that journey at least once a day. Love the layout as well and how you used black as the base color.

  2. Good decision,even if it took longer to complete your challenges, this fun layout is the perfect project for the current ABAC challenge !

  3. I have bunny trails all over the house! Fairly certain that is not the sort of bunny you meant, but I think it's symbolic for "I'm just going with it and don't have time for them." Your pirate LO is a perfect blend of black and a very classy design. Accents the holiday perfectly but showcases the terrific photos so well. Nicely done my friend and WOO're ahead of schedule!
    Lisa xx

  4. LOL!! Happy Bunny trails to you! YES, I seem to have those things too. Way too many of them I'm afraid!

    Love where this one took you though as I really like this page. Great colors, layout, and photos!


  5. Great layout, perfect color combo for Halloween pics!

  6. So pretty- and bunny trails are fabulous indeed- sometimes my favorite creations start out that way!

  7. LOL, love the LO Margaret and the wondeful post. My DH calls my "trails" tangents and I am famous for them. I even change subjects mid-sentence which totally frustrates him. ;) Good to know that I have a fellow trail blazer in you and more power to us hopping along our trails in the future. Super cute pic's too btw!

  8. How fun!! Great layout with lots of element and beauty!!

  9. Love your Pirates layout, and the unexpected path to creating it!
    Alison x

  10. Love the story!! One of my old principals called it bird walking, but I like bunny trails much better:) You have certainly described me as well, especially when I'm working in my studio. My head is so full of ideas and inspiration, that I sometimes try to follow all of them at once and my 'trails' leave piles of various projects all over the place!!

  11. What a fantastic scrap page! Well done. Great photos and the use of the black makes the red in the photos really pop!

  12. OH, yes! I totally am a bunny trail maker! At least I'm not alone... thx for sharing the story with your page.

  13. Margaret I have not heard the term Bunny trails before but I have most definitely suffered from it from time to time - usually when I am too busy.
    Your post is wonderful and contains much food for thought - love your sweet pirates too!

  14. Hello Margaret , me too !! I am a constant Bunnie , great memory page well done , thank you for your visit Hugs Elaine

  15. Love your page and I loved your post! You are adorable! LOL :)


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