Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Little Late...

I was reorganizing my crafting area over the weekend and came across some cards my sister sent us for our anniversary and my birthday. I had intended to photograph these and post them, but somehow became sidetracked (go figure!).  My sister is the person I 'blame' for starting my stamping addiction. There I was happily scrapbooking (remember the sticker sneeze phase?), when she suggested I start making my own cards. Make my own cards??? Her cards were awesome and she actually thought I could do that??  About a month later I was invited to a SU workshop hosted by a friend of mine, so I thought, what the heck... and invited my sister to attend with me. The rest is card making history! We often joke that we could open a crop shop where people could use all of the tools we have, for a rental fee! But anyway... here are the cards she made for me. Please excuse the terrible photography on the second card. Not sure what happened...

Not exactly sure why the 2nd pic is so blurry but she used a happy birthday embossing folder and added a little bling. It is really cool in person!

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  1. What a fabulous job your sister did on those cards. I wish one of my sisters made cards then I would have someone to craft with all the time.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and always leaving such wonderful comments. I appreciate it.


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