Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hello! I purposely left the photo of my last batch of Christmsas cards for today, so I would have something to share.  This is another of the super easy designs that I pulled off at the last minute.  Starting with the glittery card base made it very easy.  I think the hardest thing was waiting for the dazzling details to dry so I could put it all together!

Now that my girls are a little older and share the Santa Magic with us, I'm hoping they will let us sleep in until a suitable hour this morning!  But even if they don't, I know today will be a beautiful day filled with family, lots of coffee, and the creation of many happy memories!

I also wanted to take a minute to share some love with my blog followers and visitors.  I know that there are many throughout the world who do not celebrate Christmas, so I hope that you will appreciate my deepest wish that you and your loved ones find happiness and peace as we approach a new year.  For the Christmas celebrators, I hope this season brings you closer to to the ones you love and that we all enter this holiday season with the knowledge that 'presence' is so much more important than 'presents', and for my fellow Christians, may we keep in mind the true reason for our celebrations and share His love with others throughout the world.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Seasons Greetings to all! 


  1. Soooo pretty Margaret! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Super sparkly - and I hope your festive season was super sparkly too, lie-in or no lie-in!
    Alison xx


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