Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year and a New Outlook

Hello and Happy New Year!  I am so glad you stopped by!  Today, I have two cards to share and I'm pretty sure they will be the last of my 'Christmasy' cards for a little while!  I am also sharing my  new year outlook as well (most of you know my feelings on resolutions-great for a week or two!).

My two cards are one design, but different papers, colors, and ribbons.  I found the design on Pinterest and you can see the original by Amy Frillici, here.  This is such a wonderful design for using up scraps, and is a pretty quick and easy card too!  I made several of these to use as thank you cards for the wonderful gifts I received from co-workers and loved ones.

I had to smile as I created the second version.  The paper is the very retired Ski Slope and there was not an entire sheet of any of the patterns-a small pile of scraps yet I managed to make two cards and still have a tiny bit left.  It reminded me of my blogging friend, Lynn, who once commented about the secret reproducing of scraps.  Perhaps I need to separate my scraps like we do the sheep... hehe!

With the beginning of a new year, everyone tends to reflect on the past year and make improvement plans for the future.  I can honestly say that my reflection process started around October-about the time that the days were rushing past so fast that I was left completely unorganized.  I am by nature a procrastinator,but also do a pretty good job of keeping deadlines in sight.  So this swirling chaos of three months without stopping for a breath really caught me off guard.  I began to take inventory of what had changed, what was working, and what really needed to go.  Unfortunately, blogging was one of the first things that moved to the bottom of  the list.  I came to the conclusion that I had been saying 'yes' to too many things (worthwhile and important things, but way too many), and also allowing too many 'issues' to take over my mind.  

I spent the better part of the days after Christmas focusing on family and giving myself a break. During this time, I tried to re-prioritize  things and also let go of a lot of unneeded baggage.  I am happy to say that my blog made the 'keep' list, however, I know there will be times when it has to sit for a little while-hopefully not too long!  Instead of making resolutions, I found something that I am going to do my best to follow every day...

I would like to wish you a new year full of peace, love, and kindness! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog!


  1. I LOVE your resolutions! Very nice way to use up small pieces of dsp and make pretty cards!

  2. 2 pretty thank you cards Margaret-I still have some of the ski slope dsp myself-I like your list of non-resolutions-happy new year to you

  3. Great thank you cards, perfect for scraps and odds and ends. Love your resolutions list too. HNY :)

  4. This is super! I really like the circles and the papers you used on them and the layout of this card overall!!

  5. What a great way to use up paper scraps, and such cool cards. I'm having a real thing with circles at the moment so these please me greatly. Thanks so much for your lovely visit and comments - so lovely to have you stop by!
    Alison xx

  6. Hi Margaret and a Happy New Year to you! I think your thankyou cards are so lovely and I wish I could persuade my daughter to get on with hers (she's only 22!!).
    I love your post of the things you'd like to do each day - think I might have trouble trying them all but I have started to write myself lists again so that I actually focus on the things that really need to be done before I have some fun (some days there is no fun but I do try to build in a little each day!). So lovely to have you visit me again.
    Hugs, Juliaxx

  7. Hey....pssst....remember me??? I'm the 2015 slacker friend that hasn't crafted yet....LOL. I knew I wanted a break but this is verging on ridiculous. I do however have a kidney stone that I'm currently trying to pass, so that might give me an excuse for this week; however, i think pure laziness is the root of my lax attitude since January 1.
    I LOVE this list and I have tried to do these too and loving it so far. I think it's a grand way to start the new year. Just wanted to pop in and say hello, "HELLO!" and tell you that I was thinking about you and wanted to say so.
    Big hugs to you,
    Lisa x

  8. I need to try to remember this super simple card idea to use up scraps!
    Blog and craft when you are able, we all understand.


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