Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A 'latte' love for the perfect blend

Hello and welcome!  In keeping with the theme of today's card, I'm offering you a complimentary cup of cyber coffee and a magic muffin-it can be your favorite kind if you like!

This is not a typical anniversary card which is quite fitting since it is going to a very special couple!  Regulars of my blog will remember I worked with my sister on some wedding goodies for my nephew and his wife.  They were so easy going and fun to work with, and almost always had a coffee drink of some type in their hands.  No wonder we got along so well!  Their anniversary isn't until later this year, but the idea of a coffee themed card popped into my head and here I am completing a card well ahead of schedule! Yippee!!  The inside is a sentiment I made on the computer.  It says "to a perfect blend.  May you have a 'latte' more happy years together!"

I used my Blendabilities markers on this and really was happy with the results-not perfect but pretty good by my normal standards!  I used the rich razzleberry set since their wedding colors were purple and silver.  I dropped the silver and replaced it with coastal cabana since I didn't want it to be a total flashback to their wedding, not to mention that I really liked the colors together!

If you haven't made the leap to Blendabilities or the similar copics, I can tell you that they work so well for coloring images.  I love that the Blendabilities come in sets of three markers taking all of the guess work out of choosing colors for shading.  I am not very good at that!  The set of three also makes them an affordable option if you want to try out the alcohol based markers.

Well, we are preparing for the annual police/kids camp and I have to go grocery shopping for 20 hungry boys so I better get out of here and head to one of my least favorite places-Walmart.  Wish me luck and I hope you have a marvelous day! I'd like to 'espresso' my feelings and thank you a 'latte' for stopping by! OK... I'm done now!


  1. SO PRETTY! I love the color combination too and with the sentiments on the inside it's going to be the perfect card for that young couple! Great card!
    How in the world do you feed 20 hungry boys! LOL! Have fun shopping at Wally World.

  2. I loathe Walmart with a real true passion and yet it's the only store we have in this town and yesterday they told me that they quit carrying vinyl. I said "I suppose that's because you heard I like it and needed some?" To which the very quick and quippy saleslady said, "Yes, I believe that's exactly the memo that headquarters sent down. Discontinue because..." Grrr! We had a good laugh and I went on my way, but for cryin' outloud...really?
    SIB, your anniversary card ROCKS and the inside sentiment is just the bomb. I LOVE this!!!! Please don't forget where you put it though. I've learned that these overachievers must have great filing systems. Our usual 'slack-a-daisical' ( I think this term should trend. The new procrastinator phrase) ways don't require 'storing' for long periods of time!
    Hugs and happy weekend chica.

  3. You are doing great with those markers ! LOVE this color combo/card/sentiment - perfect !


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