Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pinterest isn't just for looking!

Hello! Seems like it's been so long since I blogged.  It has been extremely busy around here and I wish I could say I have been crafting up a storm, but sadly that is not the case...  I have been playing taxi driver for both of my girls and attempting to keep a small sense of order in our home-not an easy task when no one seems to be home.  If anyone can explain how a house can get so messy when nobody is there, please share your wisdom!  I did however spend a few late nights browsing my favorite time waster, Pinterest.  I do actually make some of the things I have pinned and have even tried some of the recipes with great success.  But like most people, I will never have enough time to make everything I have pinned to my boards!  I was feeling a bit guilty about this when I decided to print off some of the free downloadable art.  The post card is part of a set that is wonderfully aged, and the water lily is from a cigar box art set.  There were a lot of beautiful images to choose from, but I liked the way the water lily went with the postcard.  You can find both free downloads here.

I was also inspired by some goodies I purchased last weekend during a family shopping trip.  I bought a TH stencil that had all of these fabulous dots on it and thought it would be a fun way to ink the background.  

My oldest DD always has to check out the remnant racks in the fabric department.  She loves to work on sewing projects and probably has about as much fabric as my sister.  Since I don't sew, I often get to be the color coordinating advice giver as she pairs her fabrics for a new project.  While we were digging for a neutral piece of fleece, I came across this wonderful roll of pink organza.  I had a sudden vision of a pretty pink flower and I wondered how well my big shot flower die would do on this material.  I ended up buying not only the pink but also some white organza as well.  DH raised an eyebrow at my purchase but didn't utter a word.  He knows about my lack of sewing skills, but he has also been married to me for almost 20 years.  Such a wise man!

The material cut like a dream and I didn't even have to back it with anything!  The flower looked a little too pretty for my otherwise aged journal page, so I wrinkled it up a bit.  The fabric frayed a little through this process, but I rather liked the effect.  I also did a little touch up on the heart from the SU artisan kit.  I rubbed a little Inka Gold metallic rub over the top to make it a little more 'old' looking.

So now I can proudly say that I used two pins from my Pinterest board and found a wonderful use for fabric that requires zero sewing skills! Not bad for a day's play!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Spring break is this week, so hopefully I will have a little more time to play and share!

Journal Page Recipe:  Digital art printed on white cardstock, lace and heart from Artisan kit, pink organza and fun flowers die, vanilla brad, Trust God stamp set, inks-early espresso, crumb cake, rose red, Inka Gold metallic rub


  1. Ohhh la-la...Lisa likes!!! It's so fun when we run into each other on Pinterest and now I see what your creative mind was up to. I love your aged vintage shabby chic journal book.
    As for the Proverbs scripture on the postcard....doesn't this pretty much sum up the messy house question??? LOL It's a mystery beyond our understanding :D It's just a sign to keep stamping....
    And for the organza. You should have said to your DH, "Okay, so this will be perfect for my tutu, but we'll need to swing by the jewelers to pick up my tiara."
    LOOOVE how you made that beautiful flower to accent the glorious image.
    Sib :)

  2. Very pretty and such a cute idea. Love that big organza flower too.
    One of these days I'll get around to doing something with all my Pins from there too - easier said than done!

  3. What another lovely little page for your book. Have you tried hitting the material lightly with a heat gun ? Some materials have a neat reaction to the heat, but be careful because you can melt / burn it ! I understand that pinterest is "THE" place to go, but sadly (thankfully?) poor internet at home doesn't allow me to use it :( Hoping you find time during break to create a few more pinned projects !

  4. This is beautiful Margaret!!! I love the Scripture verse and the flower turned out stunning. Gotta love Pinterest lol. :-) Time waster, nah! hee hee {it's literally a vortex that you get sucked into and can barely make your way out of it} Hugs, Lisa

  5. I feel your pain, I haven't been crafting hardly at all. I love your mini, the paper and that pink flower are so pretty!

  6. How lovely - those vintage images are great... I think Pinterest is both a joy and a danger. I haven't plunged in as thoroughly as I'm tempted to, as I know I'll disappear into the vortex like Lisa says!
    Alison xx

  7. I like the vintage journal page Margaret and the pink organza flower is beautiful-accomplishments always make us feel good don't they!!!

  8. Love this project!!! I am a pinning fool and have yet tried to actually make anything!! I bow down to you! :) Pretty, pretty, pretty! Hope you are doing well! Big hug! :)

  9. Love love love this project, the ideas, the layout and a
    That gorgeous flower, looks great.


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