Friday, March 28, 2014

No, really... I was cleaning...

Hello! I am so glad you stopped by because I need to share a true story with someone who will understand, and possibly believe my story.  Because my family doesn't...

**Warning: Extremely Lengthy and Possibly Boring Story**

It all started as I was cleaning the kitchen earlier this week.  I did a major purge of my cabinets and pantry resulting in a lot of things ending up in a donation box or the trash.  I did not, however, throw away several different sized empty coffee containers.  They were moved to my craft area under the eye rolls of my family members.  I told them that if I couldn't come up with a use for them by the end of the month, I would get rid of them (the containers, not my family-although I was quite tempted...).

After the kitchen was cleaned, I realized I needed a better system for keeping our daily medicines organized.  Since we no longer have any littles, I don't worry about keeping things up high and out of sight.  So our vitamins, advil, and prescriptions are sitting on the counter, which is great until one of them gets knocked onto the floor and rolls under something or gets pushed to the back of the counter where it hides behind the whole wheat flour container (found some of my allergy meds there during the clean).  As I was pondering where I could find something that would look nice sitting on the counter, my eyes spied the stack of coffee containers. Hmmm...

The next morning instead of cleaning up my crafting space like I had planned, I got busy transforming the coffee canister into a lovely medicine bowl.  This would have been perfectly acceptable except that I shared my cleaning plans with DH so I would stay accountable.  His smug grin said it all.  Nothing wiped it off his face either-not my insisting that it was divine intervention that called me to use one of the containers, not the reassurance that this was actually finishing the kitchen clean up, not even the reminder that "Hey! I told you I'd find a use for those containers you rolled your eyes at yesterday!".

So now I have a perfectly lovely container that keeps our medicines and vitamins neat and tidy, and a super messy work space.  But like my fellow procrastinator Annie always says "Tomorrow... Tomorrow... I'll clean ya, tomorrow!  You're always a day away..." or something like that...  I'm pretty sure the mess isn't going anywhere and since we are scheduled for wind and rain tomorrow, it will be a perfect day for tidying up the ol' crafting space!

If you've made it this far, you will be glad to know that I do actually have a few pictures of the medicine container that is causing my family to doubt my ability to get the house organized.

I placed the plastic lid on the bottom since the edge of the canister was metal
and I didn't want to risk the can rusting. The crochet ribbon is hiding it from view.

The butterflies are covered in dazzling details but it was hard
to get a good shot of all of the glittery goodness.

Now you have heard my tale, sad but true, about a royal family who doubts their queen's ability to stop crafting long enough to keep the castle in proper order.  But I know that you saw the deeper meaning of this story.  The queen just saved one of the coffee containers from imminent doom, and I'll let you in on a little secret...she has plans for the other ones too!  Don't you just love a happy ending?

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a marvelous weekend!!

Project Recipe: Precious Butterflies and Inspired by Nature stamp sets, garden green & not quite navy ink, rose red & not quite navy cardstock, bitty butterfly punch, butterfly punch (ret), First Edition DSP, dazzling details, crochet ribbon


  1. LOL! This sounds like me when I start cleaning! But, your idea turned out great and the coffee can is so pretty decorated up and it's perfect for that type of thing. Great idea and a fabulous project.

  2. I made it!! Phew...ALLLL the way to the end of that magical fairy tale! Is there a cookie in that container for me??? ;)
    I jest, but in all honesty, it was a FABULOUS read and I laughed from beginning to end. I was just in our pantry yesterday holding the container of peanuts when I hear over my shoulder the deep guttural growl of DH saying, "STOP!! I know what you're doing. Put it down!" LOL Has the man not one ounce of creativity in his body, I ask you??? It's not like I was gonna dump the food on the floor and then run! I would have at least waited to let the family finish the peanuts first. :)
    Anywho...I LOOOVE what you've created here Margaret. The concept of a pill bottle holder is perfect. All in one nice little place that you don't have to chase the bottles around the flour and sugar canisters anymore. LOVE this. Now I can't wait to see what you do with the others.
    You go girl!! Decorate that castle :)
    Sib :)

  3. This is hilarious, and so sounds like something I would do! The new medicine container is just lovely, I should make one, it is so much prettier than the box I keep my stuff in!!

  4. Wow, your altered coffee cans absolutely ROCK! I'm so glad you didn't get rid of them, or your family, LOL! What a creative idea :)

  5. What a lovely tale of reorganisation and recycling! I love what you've created with your rescued coffee can... it must look great on your kitchen surfaces - fit for a royal palace! Sorry to be so late catching up... off to see what else you've been up to!
    Alison xx

  6. Oops, hit the wrong key on the keyboard before I was finished oozing and aahing your canister. Yup, you were finishing cleaning from the day before. Couldn't move to your craft area until the kitchen was done. :) We just had company over so it would force us to clean up- especially my studio- it had exploded to include most of the house. LOL!

  7. You are a clever girl Margaret, I love this idea and will scout my pantry tomorrow {actually today} for an empty can. Your finished project looks amazing and I love hearing what you have been up to. Sorry to be so late getting here, I have put off doing my taxes to the last minute and had to gather all that junk up to get to the tax man. :( Maybe you can help me get my paperwork organised, got any ideas? Hugs, Lisa

  8. I love it!! It is so pretty!! I also loved your story!! As I was reading I kept telling myself this could so be me!! I think you did an awesome job! :)

  9. I didn't think the story was boring at all Margaret-and I love your altered can

  10. I totally agree, you WERE cleaning. Makes perfect sense to mo! Love the container too!

  11. Well I totally get it, and not boring at all. When I clean up my crafting space, I get well how long will that last, as I am there on a regular basis, and he sees me carrying things from other parts of the house too, so I can totally relate, but you did a fabulous job, and a great use of the container.


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