Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 3 of the 25 Days of Accomplishments-Ornaments!

Once again, this post is also a bit of a cheat as we actually had them completed by Thanksgiving.  Tomorrow will begin the actual crossing things off the list!

Today's project features the artwork of DD#2 and once again DH was roped into helping us!  This time he was the master of the white spray paint!  And such a fine paint job too!!

We actually got the bottle caps from my dad's sister, so we owe her an ornament too!  DH painted the caps white, but the gold coloring kept bleeding through, so he ended up spraying these THREE times- the first coat that didn't take, the primer coat, and the final coat, and then we added the spray glitter!  I am so glad this was all completed in his shop and not my kitchen!!!!  He was actually very pleasant about the whole process and even gave us a thumbs up on the finished ornaments!  I cut the green ribbon and tied a loop using bakers twine, then DD#2 glued the bottle caps to the ribbon and let them dry.  The next day the faces and buttons were made using acrylics, and the snazzy red ribbon was added as a lovely scarf!  I know you can't tell from the photo, but these are absolutely SPARKLY!!!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my girls ornaments and maybe they inspired you to make your own tree decorations this year!  I'll be back tomorrow with another project.

Project Recipe: bottle caps, satin white spray paint, glitter blast glitter spray, acrylics, gumball green ribbon, real red stitched ribbon


  1. Oh so cute! These are precious ornaments!!! Love the snip of ribbon around their neck. Cute idea and very creative.

  2. It's a great spray job, and the finished snowmen are adorable!
    Alison x

  3. I love hearing the whole family was involved in one way or the other creating these cute snowmen ornaments =)

  4. I'm ready to move in!!! Please let me know when my room is ready!! I would have so much fun with you and your kiddos...I'm so inspired by all your projects and these ornaments are da bomb, chica!!! ;) I really don't say that, only to annoy my kids...hahahaha, but seriously, they are fabulous!
    gaining inspiration by the second


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