Friday, July 5, 2013

Flashback Friday-See what a little cleaning can do?

Hi! Welcome to another Flashback Friday! I hope all of my fellow Americans survived their Independence Day's activities without any injuries!  Our holiday was pretty low key.  My nephew came home for a visit and we all had a wonderful time together.

I have been using my time off this summer to try to do some much needed cleaning and organizing.    No big surprise that one of the first areas I tackled was my crafting space!  Since then, I have moved on to other areas of the house (not nearly as much fun, but easier to purge clothing that is the wrong size, than old beloved stamps!), but I keep coming across things that pull me back to my crafting space!  For example, my dryer was becoming the catch all area for outgrown clothes, so I finally bagged them up so they would be ready for donating to our local charity thrift store.  During this cleaning, I found a few homeless buttons and figured that I would never find the matching clothes, or they were probably long gone.  So I gave them a new home in my buttons container where I found the bag of buttons I bought a long time ago at an antiques and collectables store.  This led to a complete side track from cleaning!

My first card actually features one of these buttons.  They are metal and a little shabby looking and I absolutely loved them.  I used a faux mosaic tile technique for the focal point and added the button as an accent.  Along with my old button, I also pulled out some retired Tea Party DSP for this card.

As I was working on the first card, I moved a ziplock bag of thin strips of paper that were scraps from Easter cards.  I decided I really needed to either use them or pitch them and then I remembered the cute Easter bear digi I colored a looooong time ago.  This image is so old that when I went back to the person's site to link up to it, her site was gone...  So Caroline, I tried to give you credit but I'm not sure where you are now!

I glued all of the skinny strips of paper onto a rectangle of copy paper and then trimmed the edges to make them even.  Then I glued that to the base and glued the teddy to the front.  I realize that little bag of scraps didn't make a big dent in my stash, but I am glad that I finally found a use for all of the colorful scraps!

Well, DD#1 and I have a date to watch the Warehouse 13 marathon, so until next time, happy crafting!!


  1. Love both of your cards. When you finish organizing come on over and do my craftroom it is a disaster. I have plans to do lots of cleaning/organizing of a couple rooms but too hot right now to do that without air conditioning.

  2. Great cards! I like the pretty pattern you created in the sympathy card and the bright paper strips on the second are terrific!!

  3. Love the mosaic card, and the button is a perfect finishing touch! Cute stripey one - really making the most of your scraps!
    Alison x

  4. Both are wonderful!
    Gotta love those homeless buttons - and glad you found this one and gave it a perfect little home. Very pretty card!
    Also love that second one and those fun stripes!

  5. We are going through the cleaning and re-organising bug too Margaret, although I am too slow for Les's liking. Still too much coughing making me blah!
    When you find things though isn't it great and having a play with your pretty button most probably refreshed your spirit to keep on with it.
    Don't forget to enjoy your break too when you can.

  6. Groovy card! I like the little cut out squares, this looks like it took a long time to create! But the end result is pretty, pretty!


  7. Oh I love your faux mosaic tile technique! Such pretty colors, and I like the button too:-)


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