Sunday, May 5, 2013

Anything But a Card Challenge 18- An ATC is HOW small??

It is time for week 2 of challenge 18 at Anything But a Card Challenges.  This challenge is to create an ATC (artist's trading card) which is a pretty open challenge as long as your art measures 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".  Susan has a lot of wonderful information about ATCs on the challenge site and there are some fabulous pieces being shared by the design team and fellow crafters linking up.  

I have a confession to make.  I have NEVER made an ATC before.  Yes... I know shocking! And honestly, I wasn't too concerned about this challenge until I tried to squeeze my big ideas onto my itty, bitty piece of paper (can you imagine me doing inchies??).  But once I started adjusting my thinking to pulling out my smaller stamps and embellishments, things fell into place and I ended up with two different ATCs.

This one looked a lot different in my mind, but for my very first
attempt, I kinda like it!  The picture frame was made with Sculpey 
and a silicone mold (this is not SU, but just wait until you see the 
new catalog, hint! hint!).  I attempted another watercolor, inky
type background, and it didn't really turn out how I wanted, so I 
stopped before it became really muddy and finished it with stamping
and embellishing.  The frame was painted with a gold acrylic and 
smeared with gold glitter glue.

I think of the two, this is my favorite.  Maybe it's just more in my
comfort zone, but I like the softer colors.  I stamped my image and 
sentiment and then added pastels to create the background. I really
like the effect of using the watercolor paper for this!

I really hope that you will share an ATC with us this week, even if you have never made one before! I am beginning to find that I have the most fun with this type of challenge, although I need to stop stressing over the finished product and just let the process happen and learn from my mistakes!

As I am posting this, it is a very rainy Saturday and our plans of attending a local Chalk Walk event have been postponed to next weekend.  So I am going to get out of here and try to do some crafty stuff at home! Have a wonderful week and happy crafting!


  1. Both of these are great, I really love the picture frame, but then Im a nut for depth and texture.
    Amazing first attempts at ATC's, I made my first one this time last year and like you was 'what the hell, how small?'
    they are totally addictive though so Ill look forward to seeing some more? ;) x

  2. The first one is pretty, but I'm with you liking the second one. I've done a few of them in the past, but not in a long time. It's hard getting things onto such a small space, it's half a card lol.

  3. Well then girlfriend, you have one up on me, lol! I've never made one either but wow, you should make more! I'd never guess this was your first attempt - they are so detailed and unique Great work!! x0x0

  4. Just had to come over from ABAC to say how wonderful your little frame ATC is - it really is gorgeous and such an original idea to add the frame. Lovely! Anne x

  5. I would have never know you hadn't done these before - they're GORGEOUS!!!!! So lovely!

  6. I was just on my way over from ABAC... and then saw you'd just been visiting me - weird!! These are completely wonderful, Margaret - can't believe it's your first time! Like Mark, I love the depth and dimension of the framed one but, with my passion for hedgerow flowers, they both appeal to me enormously - beautiful work!

    And thank you so much for your comment - I know exactly what you mean about those moments - where you just look at something in a new way and kick yourself!!
    Alison xx

  7. these are 2 great atc's Margaret-I have never made one either-I like the look of the frame-but I am with you my fave is the 2nd one

  8. Oh this is so pretty Margaret! Lovely images and inking!!

  9. And another challenge has increased your repertoire Margaret.Now you also have two lovely little pieces of art to share ....for absolutely no reason.

  10. These are inspired Margaret, so clever I just love them!

  11. Oh my goodness Margaret, these ATC's are so pretty! I love the images and the trim is gorgeous. You've done an amazing job on these and I'm looking forward to seeing more. ;) Hope you are having a wonderful week! Hugs

  12. i LOOVE the one with the frame! thank you so much for your sweet comments Margaret :)

  13. I can't be the first one to think this, but I think maybe you've revealed a new talent to yourself...miniatures!! I'm REALLY impressed with your ATC's Margaret. I think they have such amazing depth to them and really tell a story and evoke a feeling of wonder. That sculpey frame is just the bomb chica!! I think the Gnome family would fit perfectly in there...LOL....
    Awesome job and truly inspiring :)
    hugs to you Sib,
    Lisa x

  14. Fantastic job on your first ever ATC's! You should make them into lovely magnets, they are so pretty and should be on display =)

  15. Wow! That picture frame with the image inside is amazing!! The coolest thing!


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