Friday, January 11, 2013

Flashback Friday-WAAAAAY Back!

Hello! So glad you popped in to visit me today! I actually have a scrapbook page to share that has a little bit of a story behind it.

While most of the cleaning world does their big cleaning during the spring (aka Spring Cleaning), oddly enough, I find more motivation in January.  This is most likely from the influx of toys and clothes that enters our already crowded home around Christmas time.  While I would love to say that my house is now perfectly clean and clutter free, this is not the case, however... I did manage to attack the girls clothes and part of the kitchen.  I also managed to find a small space on my computer desk that actually shows the woodgrain finish!  But my most exciting cleaning project was a plastic drawer tower holding crafting supplies.      This thing manages to be the catch all for any material that doesn't have a permanent home and also had a good sized cardboard box on top of it that hadn't been open for ages.  I emptied and reorganized the drawers, finding many forgotten treasures that are now on my table waiting to be used, and then tackled the box.  Most of it was art projects from the girls and various paraphernalia for their scrapbooks.  I sorted these and found a new home for the 'keep' pile.  I also found three copies of this... 

I made this page AGES ago! Like before I really got into cardmaking!!  It was part of a page swap that I did with a group of scrapbooking ladies.  I guess I made three extra so the girls and I would also have one.  Now I could be resourceful and hunt for the names of the stamps and punches and ribbon, but I think we'll just go with the fact that any Stampin' Up product on this page is now retired!  I decided to post this not only because it is a bonafide Flashback, but it also shows how simple a layout can be and still work.  I love that the Friends title is very banner like even though it was created way before the banner craze hit!

So, this is my little trip down memory lane, and now I need to find some great pictures to put on these layouts so they can have a proper home as well!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting!


  1. That is a great page layout. I need to get busy and organize and de-clutter but have to be in the mood and right now that is not happening. lol

  2. Aw Margaret .. You know what they say time like the present! This is a fabulous page!

    WTG on the clutter free's very liberating! ;)

    Happy New Year, my friend!

  3. I think it's great! Very clean and simple lines and just perfect. Glad you found it - amazing what we can find when we start cleaning out stuff! LOL!

  4. Every time I come to visit here, I end up feelin' so bad that I haven't done a page layout for yonks! I really like the clean look of this layout....what on earth was it doin' tucked away?....get some of your fabby pics on there, girlie...hahaa! Then, come clean my house....

  5. Great page, even if it is old! I love the letter banners at the top!!!

  6. Love the simplicity of this page. It will showcase a special photo wonderfully; so glad you found this oldie and shared it with us =)


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