Sunday, January 13, 2013

Anything But a Card Challenge -Things With Wings

It is time for week two of the 'Things With Wings' challenge at Anything But a Card Challenges and that means that it's my turn to share a project!  If you click on the link above, you will go to the post with Mr. Linky (I'm trying to make it super easy for you to join us-wink!wink!), which is week one. I hope you take a minute to check out all of the wonderful inspiration and projects that have already been linked up!  
I had so many different thoughts running through my head for this challenge, and my dear blogging sister, Lisa did nothing to help!!  One of my first ideas was butterflies with a quote for my journal and it also was the first project I tried -yes...I did more than one!  

I have quite a collection of various brands of glitter glues, and a few bottles of liquid pearls.  Unfortunately, the clear and silver are the two glitters that I use most of the time, leaving all of the other colors feeling quite neglected.  I also realized I have never used my yellow pearls...  Well, I made a promise to myself over the holidays that I was going to play, and so I did!  I found my quote first (in a rather large stack of vellum quotes) and wanted to make a pastel background to be slightly visible behind the vellum. I had shaded the right corner to have the illusion of sunlight and it looked great until I put the vellum over it, then it just looked kind of muddled. I thought the yellow pearls would possibly make a nice sun.  I tried a 'dot' approach, my version of pointillism, but it didn't look right.  So I took my blending tool (aka pointer finger) and smeared the dots together, kind of a funky effect!  Then came the two tone ribbon (new SU goodies!!), a ribbon flower with some felt pieces tucked in for leaves and a punched butterfly to ensure that the whole wings thing was covered!  I didn't like the naked edges of the vellum and pulled out the green glitter glue to frame it.  When I was done, I was thinking maybe I should have bypassed the liquid pearls and just used all green, but oh well!  I have to say that the page is growing on me the more I look at it and it was a lot of fun playing with the different materials.

A few days later, and an unfortunate but necessary trip to Wal-Mart, I found myself in the craft aisle.  My youngest DD had Christmas money to spend and wanted some new art supplies and while she debated her options, my eyes landed on a package of Sculpey Oven Bake Clay. Hmmm... I know that many crafty people out in Blogland use this stuff to make all kinds of wonderful things and I did make that promise to play... (can you see this getting me in hot water with DH?)  So into the cart it went and somehow some metallic acrylics ended up in there too... Don't know how that happened!  I would love to say that the clay came out as soon as I got home, but the truth is it sat there all week taunting me.  Which may have been a good thing because in the mean time, I came across a very retired stamp set called Nature's Wonders.  There is this absolutely beautiful dragonfly stamp in this set and suddenly inspiration hit! I was going to stamp my clay!!  Didn't know if this would work; didn't know if it would clog up the stamp; didn't care! Well... I would have cared if it ruined my stamp, but I really wanted to try this!  So I kneaded the clay until it was really soft, then patted it fairly flat (a little less than 1/4") and then gently pressed the stamp onto the clay.  I had to wiggle it a little to get it to release, but I liked the slightly uneven appearance.  Then I trimmed the edges and set it aside to bake.  I tried this with a few different stamps and it was so much fun!  I followed the baking directions on the package and when they cooled, I painted them with the acrylics.  My girls asked if they could paint them and I selfishly said "Nope, not this time." But I did promise to let them make their own, so everyone was happy!

Here is my dragonfly-not sure it's completely done being painted, but I still like it!

and in keeping with the 'wings' theme, an owl...

Both of these are much smaller than they appear in the picture.  The owl is about 1" and the dragonfly is a little larger.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these yet, but I'm sure that will be fun too!

Have a great week and happy crafting!

Journal Page Recipe:  Cardstock-sahara sand, Stamp Set-Butterfly Prints, Ink-concord crush, Accessories-pastels, basic pearls, very vanilla seam binding, jumbo sticky round, vintage tag and green felt flowers (ret), butterfly punch, green glitter glue, buttercup liquid pearls

Clay Tiles Recipe:  white Sculpey clay, metallic acrylic paints kit, Stamp Sets-Cute By the Inch, Nature's Wonders


  1. Margaret, they are wonderful!! I played with some clay last week too! I can see that it would be very addicting!

  2. Love everything here. That fabric flower is amazing.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the cute little clay pieces you made ! I also like all of the many details you used on your journal page. I was lucky enough to receive one of your beautiful rolled fabric flowers on a card, thank you =)

  4. The page is really lovely - the quote is a wonderful one - and that glowing sunshine is a great touch, even if it did come about slightly by accident! And your tiny clay tiles are fabulous - the stamped images have worked beautifully, and I guess as long as you wash'em straight away it's fine!! Great pieces, Margaret!
    Alison x

  5. Margaret, these are all just WOW! LOVE that fabric flower on the first project.......and the clay - omgoodness! Fantastic! I was given some Poly clay stuff for Christmas but don't have one of the little oven things to cook it in just yet. This will give me some ideas though on what to do with some of it! Great inspiration!

  6. Ok, see I'm going to have to break down and buy some clay lol. These are great, scratch that, awesome Margaret. I love your first project too and the flower is divine.
    I haven't played in any challenges for a while but definitely want to get back in the swing of things. Heck, I just put my tree up today. :( Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

  7. GASP! Who is this wretched friend that tempts you so??? Bwahahahahaha ;) I know you can't see it, but close your eyes and imagine the giddiest lady clapping like a dang fool over this outstanding display of fun and dare I say it, PLAYFUL project. I am sooo thrilled you tried the Sculpey and it sounds like the girls will have a hoot (some pun intended) with it too. I bet it would make wonderful toadstools for an enchantingly magical pair of gnomes too.
    LOOOVE these Margaret and a little magnet on the back would be fun.
    Hugs to you and I loved seeing your creative and adventurous side. I'm only sorry that you had to go to Walmart. I feel your pain.
    Lisa xx

  8. Love the journal....the quote is one of my faves and the flower is fabulous!
    I have picked up and put back so many times its embarrasing- the packages of clay at Michaels. I am so tempted to try it too- and yours came out so neat! I love them both. I don't think I could paint neatly enough! Can't wait to see what else you create!

  9. Wow what fabulous work! Love the flier on your journal and your clay pieces are terrific!!

  10. What a great idea making the link to the linky. Clever!
    Clay was one of my first loves and I seriosuly explored it for a few years - sensuous stuff. I always try to buy from potters as I know how much is involved! Now back to your post Your dragonfly tile is delightful and so too is your super cute owl. I love the variety we all have for ABAC!

  11. Love the quote that you used Margaret and that flower is a show stopper!
    I REALLY love your clay 'tiles' and the the dragonfly one is just perfect - I can think of all kinds of uses for that one! I so enjoyed reading your 'crafty' journey, even if it did include a trip to the dreaded Walmart. I visited Florida one year and had a look in one. . . . . . . dare I say 'very interesting'!!

  12. Morning. Well it is here any way ;-). I love the little tiles. I have not used that stuff before bit might have to see if I can get it in the uk. Great colours for the dragon fly. I really like the rose on your card. It's a great focal point and looms great with the butterfly x

  13. Dang it. Put card. Meant journal. To early and cold here to function x


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