Monday, August 20, 2012

Scrapbook Monday-going random

Hello! So glad you stopped in and I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

Until today, I have been posting my pages in chronological order and keeping with one park.  But I refuse to be 'that lady'. You know the one that holds you hostage while you see 1000 vacation pictures, that while they are lovely, they all start to look the same and it gets really old really fast...  So I am going to bypass several pages that have similar layouts to what I have already posted and will post some different styles and my favorite pictures.

Nothing so special about the layout, but I love the pics!
This was at the Crystal Palace.  They had the most 
wonderful topiary characters at the entrance.  These were
made of tons of little artificial flowers!  The girls loved
having another character dining experience!

I LOVE Epcot! Something about feeling transported to
different lands without a passport that is truly magical!
My sister and I spent some quality time in the Germany
section.  DH and the DDs were impressed and a little
embarrassed as we began to hum and sing along with the
music playing in the stores.  Little did they know that we
grew up listening to A LOT of German music.  We ooohed 
and ahhed over the old world ornaments and the ornate
cuckoo clocks.  The only thing that didn't tempt me was
the beer-yuck! Never did acquire a taste for that! 

Once again, DH questioned my sanity as I took a pic of
the roof garden and asked if we could do something like
that on a shed or garage.  Good thing he loves me!  By the time
we reached the pyramid in Mexico, I was so thankful there wasn't
an authentic set of steps to enter the building!  We were
almost finished with the park and my feet were begging
for mercy!

Well, I hope I didn't bore you too much with my little vacation display!  I am almost finished with the album and am so glad I did these while everything was so fresh in my mind.

Have a wonderful week and happy crafting!!


  1. More great layouts and photos! This just makes me want to pack my bags and head out for some fun! Fantastic!

  2. I am loving the layouts and the pictures, keep them coming, since I am truly enjoying this. It really makes me think I need to get started :)

  3. HA, that cracks me up about being "that lady". These layouts are all terrific, they're all so different, I love how the pics are the focal point of all of them!!

  4. Could it get any neater than flower decorated characters. Those pictures turned out so good. The colors really popped! Super "NOT" boring post and wonderful pictures and thank you for the "take good shoes" advice. I'm sure that place is bigger than I can even imagine.

  5. thanks for sharing these photos and the memories from the park-I climbed the pyramid of the sun and moon in Mexico-we were there about 15 years ago on a mission trip

  6. I love these layouts- such wonderful pics and memories!

  7. I've enjoyed reading about your Disney adventures and seeing the fabulous photos from your trip. Sharing them on your wonderful scrapbook pages makes it even better - and inspiring !

  8. I love your scrapbooking layouts!!!! I really like your style:)


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