Monday, August 27, 2012

Scrapbook Monday-Animal Kingdom

Well, hello there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I had a bit of a monumental weekend as I celebrated a milestone birthday.  I'm not saying how old I am, but it rhymes with shorty!  I remember when I used to think that this was old.  Now I'm thinking it's all a matter of perspective!  I can't be old yet!!

I am reaching the end of my Disney pages as we come to Animal Kingdom.  This was the last park we visited and while we really enjoyed this park (just might be my favorite), we were glad to be heading for home the next day.

One of the coolest things we went to see was It's Tough to be a Bug 3D show.  Lots of special effects like smelling a stink bug, feeling the 'acid' from one of the bugs hit our faces, and all of the creepy crawlies that were moving under our seat. One awesome show!! DD#2 liked the buggy 3D glasses so much she wanted to keep them!  The large boulder looking thing was being touched by almost everyone who passed it.  After reading the sign that it was a dung ball, lots of EEEEWWWWs rang through the building.

We had lunch reservations at Rainforest Cafe and I couldn't wait for the girls to have their first experience with this wonderful eatery!  They had so much fun checking out the front of the building and wanted to pose by the sign.  Jaws hit the floor as we entered and they saw all of the extravagant decor.  The food was wonderful and we each ordered a different dessert and then had a little sampling party. Yummy!

We had the most wonderful time wandering around the park.  There were so many animals to see and the landscaping was beautiful and very nature inspired.  We rode the train to Rafiki's Planet Watch and the girls had a blast exploring and learning about conservation.  DD#2 even had a lengthy discussion about animal poo with one of the animal care specialists.  He commented that we must live on a farm since she wasn't at all inhibited by the feces talk.  She quickly informed him that they help Grandma and Grandpa clean out the chicken houses and sheep barn.  It was fascinating to see how much work goes into keeping all of the animals healthy.

I am almost to the end of my Disney postings, but never fear, there will be plenty of other great projects to share!  I am a parent volunteer for DD#2's Girl Scout troop this year and they put me in charge of the scrapbook.  Guess I'll HAVE to stay caught up on that one!!

Have a wonderful evening and an even better week! Thanks for stopping by to visit and happy crafting!


  1. Happy Birthday youngster! Love the new layouts that you did and will miss seeing these trip pictures and layouts as you move onto something new. I went to the Rainforest cafe once at the Mall of America and it was so loud inside we left and went to another restaurant in the mall.

  2. I have loved each and every page Margaret! Your girls will have a wonderful keepsake to remember this VIP trip. You've done a terrific job and you have inspired me to get mine (from 2010) done. Hopefully, things will calm down a bit and I can get started. TFS!

  3. I'll be sad when all your Disney postings end! So fun and so many memories y'all had! Great pages!

    Happy (belated) Birthday - hope you had a fantastic day!
    If your birth date rhymes with shorty - you are NOT OLD!!! Trust me on that one! LOL! Hope you have many, many more!


  4. happy birthday Margaret-hope it was a great celebration-my theory is if you think you're old then you become old-
    this is another great layout-I have really enjoyed sharing this vacation with you-I am sure the girl scout scrapbook will be fabulous

  5. Happy Birthday and remember it is only a number. Love your pages, I think I might go into withdrawal when they stop. :)

  6. What wonderful pages you have created for your children to revisit whenever they wish to. Dessert in a rainforest without the flies and mozzies how wonderful is that. Happy birthday too and it is truly - all about perspective!

  7. Happy short-iest birthday to you! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! :) Awesome layouts as usual! Love the 3d bug glasses!

  8. beautiful Pages. You are inspiring me to finally get busy on my Books again. Been slacking big time!

  9. Belated Birthday Wishes, young 'un =)

  10. Great layouts---I really like the way the pictures are laid out on the pages!!


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