Friday, August 3, 2012

Flashback Friday, Another Christmas Card, and A Close Call!

Hello all! I have reverted back to my older Christmas DSP again for this week's flashback project!  I also pulled out an older stamp and a retired stamp pad to keep with my oldies theme!

I am amazed at the number of Christmas cards that are in my stash now!  I might actually be finished before Thanksgiving!  Then what will I do?!  Hmmm... I may have to rethink this whole process or I will lose my membership card to the Procrastinators Club. (I don't really have a card... they keep telling me they'll send me one...)

But anyway! On to the card!!

I really like the little snowman image and it was fun to pull out the blender pen to color in the bits and pieces too!  Not a very difficult card to make and now my Ski Slope paper is all but gone as well!  I think this will make a nice card for a little one!

My flashback items were the Ski Slope DSP, a retired Kiwi Kiss ink pad, and the non SU snowman stamp.

Now... on to something a little more personal.  As the post title states, I had a very close call the other day.  No, not a car wreck, accident, or anything like that... THIS was much more serious!
The girls and I are sitting on the couch watching a movie and the phone rings.  Youngest DD truly believes she was born to answer the phone, so she sprang up to grab the phone.  This is where the story begins...

DD-"Hello?....Yes..." a very confused look crossing her face as she hands the phone to her sister...
"It's for you?!"
As DD #2 takes the phone, DD looks at me with wide eyed wonder and whispers "It's a BOY!"
Mom-"GASP!" then a bionic Mother's ear kicked in as I shamelessly eavesdropped on the conversation...
DD#2- "Hello? Oh, Hi (enter boy's name here)"
*I felt a tiny bit of relief as it was one that I knew well, but only a little relief...
"Umm... I'm not sure... I'll have to ask..."
*At this point, I have a dull ache in the pit of my stomach...MY BABY IS ON THE PHONE WITH A BOY!  AND SHE HAS TO ASK ME SOMETHING!!!!!!! I suddenly begin to have flashbacks of her playing in the dirt... climbing trees... begging for a softball glove, helmet, and cleats so she can look like a real ball player... throwing on the closest shirt and hoping it's clean... No...It can't be...Must be a mistake...
DD#2-"Mom, it's (boy's name) and he wants to know..."
*Before she can ask I'm inwardly pleading 'please don't let me have to be the mean mom yet...please don't let this be a date request...I am really not ready for this yet!'
DD#2 continues "if I can play on the whiffle ball team he's trying to get together for the fest."

OH THANK YOU GOD  for small miracles!! My baby is still a tomboy and her friend is only calling cause he knows she will be a good athletic addition to the team!  So, after breathing a sigh of relief, I said 'of course she could play' and got the details for the weekend!

While I realize this really isn't as life altering as an accident or illness (had plenty of experience with those!), it really was a major deal for me.  I realized that my baby is not really a baby anymore and that I have a new role as Mom.  Because at some point, it will be a boy that doesn't want to play whiffle ball, and 'likes' my daughter, and I get the nasty job of telling her that there is no way that my middle school aged daughter is going on a 'date'.  But better me than her father, who almost busted a vessel in his forehead as I shared this story with him! Tee! Hee! He has a new role coming too!
Oh...did I mention she's starting to enjoy clothes and shoe shopping, and makeup...sigh...

Thanks for letting me have my Mommy moment and have a wonderful weekend!!

Card Recipe: Cardstock-riding hood red, whisper white, Ski Slope DSP, Ink-chocolate chip, marina mist, riding hood red, kiwi kiss, pumpkin pie, Stamps-Four Frames, Joyous Celebrations, Accessories-decorative label punch, blender pen, marina mist dotted scallop ribbon


  1. LOL, oh Margaret thanks for the laughs this morning! I'm not there yet but it's probably coming quicker than I realize and I totally empathize with you! Boys? OMG! This snowman is the cutest and I love your color combo! Hope you have a great weekend! :-)

  2. Aw, they do grow up fast - I have 3 tween/teenage girls at home so I'm feelin' ya ;) What a sweet card, so very soft and warm - fun image, I haven't seen him in a long time, glad you brought him back 'round again! Have a great weekend!

  3. Ah, the joys of parenthood!!!! JUST WAIT - that's all I can say! LOL! Margaret, this is so funny and I know how you felt. They grow up so fast and I guarantee the day's coming....just hope she asks you first and doesn't just TELL you she's going on that first date! LOL! So cute!

    Another great Christmas card and yes, I do believe you're going to have all of them finished in time this year!


  4. Super cute card Margaret! I love that stamp set and the color combo! Sorry about your close call! I will be there soon enough myself! :( They grow up too fast, don't they?

  5. Want to know something?....I think this might be my favourite of all the ones you've made....up to now....because I really should have married a snowman....THAT'S how much I love 'em!
    HAAAAHAAA at the close call! Something very like that happened with our eldest girl...she was very athletic and actually hated being a girl (for the longest time..ha)but ended up marrying one of her sprinting BEWARE....hahaaaa!

  6. What a cute card. Love the Image and lay-out. As always great colors!

  7. I love Mommy moments Margaret. I can relate to your story & when my DD was 9 she had a young man who did call & ask her out. Mind you she's 9 and he's 8. The word NO wasn't in his vocabulary lol so I agreed to take them to McDonald's where he bought her lunch & they played on the indoor playground. He wasn't happy I was there but hey, since he didn't have a driver's license somebody had to do it, right? hehehe
    Okay, now to the main point. I am SO impressed!!! You've created an amazing stash of Christmas cards. This little snowman is adorable and kudos to you for using those supplies up & not hoarding like me. :( Terrific post, card and inspiration. Have an awesome weekend!!!

  8. Super cute card, the snowman image is darling! And, your close call story made me laugh---enjoy this mommy role while you still can!!! ;) Also, thank you so much for the kind words you left me about Chloe, they mean a lot!!!

  9. Oh, Margaret, prepare yourself now if you can - life as you know it a-changing!

    Cute card by the way - love that sweet image!

  10. With a little of twinge of jealousy in my voice, I profess to you that I looooove your Christmas card. I am thrilled to hear that you've almost got your holiday cards finished (partial lie) I am thrilled but I'm still jealous!! LOL.
    You had me on my side on the floor with your story! You poor thing. I hope the heart rate returned to normal fairly quickly. I can totally relate. Our response, (and our DD can quote it verbatum), when asked, "Can I go out with..." is always, "Absolutely you can! When you're married!"

  11. Great card! Such a cute snowman face!! If you get all finished you can feel free to start on mine! :)

  12. I enjoyed reading your Mommy Moment; love your wit =) And the adorable snowman card ! Thanks for sharing.


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