Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Artist Pick Award!

This weekend has been the best!  Had a great Mother's Day with my family and gave my niece her birthday card.  She showed it to everyone and carried it around all day :-)  Then today, I checked my messages and found this!!

I also wanted to share my Mother's Day card made by my daughter...She cut and pasted each tiny little piece!  She also made a pop up heart in the inside of the card!  She is quickly learning all of my skills and will soon pass me up!


  1. Congrats on your win!!! So very exciting!
    Your daughters card is adorable!!! It looks like she's already a wonderful little crafter.

  2. this is such a sweet card and one that is so precious because it was made by your daughter. I have all the cards my boys made me in their growing up years- they're priceless

  3. I absolutely adore this card! She's sooooo crafty already! And the attention to detail! Amazing! You have taught her well!


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