Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sprinkles are for winners...

Hello! Winter has finally shown itself in Indiana. We went from temperatures in the 60s at Christmas to the teens in January.  While it is not unusual for it to be this cold, it was a bit hard to adjust after the warmer temperatures we just had.  My girls finally got the snow they were hoping would appear at Christmas, and the first snowfall even came with enough frozen rain to give them two snow days.  I, however, was not ready for snow days. Snow days mean make up days, and make up days mean no small breaks before spring break... yuck!  On a positive note, I did manage to make potato soup, cinnamon rolls, read, and play with my stamps and paper-oh, and laundry...lots and lots of laundry...

I have a stack of stamp sets that have not seen ink yet, and I thought this would be a great excuse reason to make some cards.  It had been so long since I've done any real creating that I forgot how to do a few things, like layering stamped images. Let's just say it's a good thing that paper has two sides...  The second take went much better with my paper mask in place!  Rather than pulling out the ink pads and aqua painter, I went with pastels so I could sit on the couch and watch The Matrix with DD#1.  Family time + cardmaking. SCORE!!

I'm not sure when I've made a card with more layers, but since the embellishing is nonexistent, the layers add the needed interest.  It also went well with the stacked cone!


When I showed the finished card to DD#1, she asked about sprinkles.  I quoted Flo from Progressive and told her sprinkles were for winners.  Maybe, if I remember how to layer the scoops next time, I can have sprinkles on that card!  She actually laughed! 

I hope that your creative experiences are as fun and possibly more successful than mine!  Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!!  Have a wonderful week!

Card Recipe:  Paper-Gingham Garden dsp (ret), crumb cake, watercolor paper, Ink-memento tuxedo black ink, pastels, Stamp Set-Sprinkles of Life


  1. Oh yeah! Winter has finally arrived and I'm doing the happy dance over here too. Not because I'm excited to shovel, nay nay...but because I'm losing feeling in my feet and that helps with circulation. I do however thinks it's FABULOUS that you spent the time cooking and playing and having family time (despite the laundry, which will forever be my evil nemesis), but these cards are WONDERFUL!! Sprinkles on a that's a great idea! Your cards turned out superb SIB! It makes me smile to know you united ink with stamps...YEAH!!!
    Lisa x

  2. Sounds like you needed a snow day or two so you could catch up - and get crafty ! Cute cards.


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