Thursday, July 9, 2015

and another one's down...

Another one bites the dust!  Yep, I am still on my Pinterest card kick, and I'm happy to say that I've made another card based off of a pin!  Now, DH can let me waste my time on the computer knowing that all of that pinning and blogging is being put to use!  I am as likely to convince him of this truth as the one about making my own cards will save us money since we won't have to buy cards! Tee! Hee!  Even I can't keep a straight face on that one!  But enough of my rambling, on to my card!

I took inspiration from Lydia's card, and the only
change I made was using pastels to color the
flowers instead of re-inkers.

It was quite therapeutic to color all of those leaves and flowers-something I needed after a week of purging the closets and dressers...  I really like the soft effect for an anniversary card.

I had a bit of a reality check this morning as DD#2 mentioned that it is less than a month before school starts.  What?!  I am really longing for the good ol' days when we didn't start school til after Labor day and were finished by Memorial day...  Quite honestly, I don't think today's kids are that much smarter!  

My posting may be a bit patchy since there are still many things I need to finish before I head back to work.  There is a light at the end of my tunnel of cleaning, and I really want to reach it before all of my duties kick back into play.  Wish me luck and have a fantastic rest of the week!!


  1. Way to go on getting your pin ideas onto paper! My pin boards are HUGE - and that's about it - eye candy, LOL! This turned out gorgeous and a perfect anniversary card with the beautiful colors and pattern!

  2. You really ARE on a mission! I've been hooked on this tiny house show and just watched a family of 3 move from 1300 sq ft to 172 sq. ft. That alone deserves its own conversation...I mean seriously, where do pull out the number 172? Not 170 or 175 or just round on up to 200, but no...172!??! Anyway, that would be totally cool if ya'll were tiny housing it, but if not, I'm still excited for you. Not the going back to work part, but the other. In the meantime, until I read your post again, I'll have these gorgeous flowers to enjoy!!! :)

  3. The pastels on this are so yummy looking and beautiful! A gorgeous card! Great idea to get ideas from Pinterest too. I have so many pinned and need to do that now.

  4. I've been in similar busy mode around my home - cleaning out supplies and then squeezing in some much needed time to craft a bit. I think your anniversary card is so, so lovely! Hope all is well!

  5. I'm a Pinterest fan too Margaret and I love this card. The colors are soothing and it's really pretty. Hope you are having a nice summer break! xx

  6. this is a great case of the original card Margaret-and now you have an anniversary card for the stash-love Pinterest for ideas

  7. so pretty, love the soft colors. great card.


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