Saturday, May 16, 2015

Almost there...

It has been incredibly busy here, but freedom is just around the corner!  Between tennis, softball, choir, school, and home, spring is always a busy time of year.  Add to that some crafting projects for the softball team, and thank yous for my niece's wedding, and it gets borderline crazy!  However, the thank yous are finished, the last of the softball projects are almost ready, and there are only five, count them, five glorious days of school left!  I really cannot wait for the first day of summer break!

As I mentioned above, my niece (actually my husband's niece, but we're all family here!) was recently married.  I helped a little with her shower decorations and offered to make the thank yous for her wedding.  It was a bit of an assembly line production since she wanted 100 of them, but I managed to get them all completed and boxed on time to give them to her at the wedding.  I'm not going to share a photo of the thank you just yet, as a courtesy to the bride and groom, but I do have the wedding card I made for their special day.

This was incredibly easy and I almost feel guilty claiming I made it!  I used a piece of wisteria wonder cardstock and embossed it with a heart folder, then I simply added a premade wedding embellishment that was in my stash.  Easy peasy!!

Well, it's another crazy day for me so I gotta get going! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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  1. You REALLY have been busy!!! Know you're looking forward to summer and a little fun now.
    The wedding card is CAS and so lovely! I know they'll cherish this forever Margaret!


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