Thursday, May 29, 2014

WAHOO! It's summer!!

I am so glad you stopped in today! I am officially on summer break and can not wait to get in some late night crafting!  Of course, morning and middle of the day crafting is good too!  I managed to find my table after a little cleaning yesterday and couldn't resist going there with my morning coffee this morning.  I had a Paper Pumpkin kit on my shelf that was waiting to be put together for quite some time.  I thought the WAHOO stamp was so fun and perfect for a graduation card I will be needing. **Confession time-I made 3 graduation cards earlier but completely forgot to take pictures before giving them away.  They were pretty cute too...**  The kit came with supplies to make four cards, but I didn't need four graduation cards so I changed the 'you did it' to 'happy birthday'.  I can always use more of those!

After I finished the cards, I was thinking how perfect the cheer was for scrapbook pages of the girls' sports.  So I'm sure you will be seeing more of 'wahoo' in the future!  

Speaking of sports, both girls are finished with school sponsored sports for the summer.  DD#1's softball team made it to the second round of Sectional before being defeated 1-0.  They are a very young team (only 1 senior), and we were very proud of their efforts.  DD#2, our tennis pro in training, completed her first year with only two losses.  She played doubles this year, but has been approached about playing singles next year.  I see a lot of summer days at the courts for us...

My summer taxi service hasn't completely shut down; DD#2 is playing softball for the community recreation league, and DD#1 is still taking voice lessons.  But it is much easier to only have two things to worry about instead of school, softball, tennis, choir, voice lessons, etc...

Well, it is almost time for a ballgame so I will sign off for now and be back soon with more paper goodies to share with you!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  1. Wahoo is WOO HOO wonderful! It's the perfect alternative to graduations; congrats for making it another year! ;) I have to admit, I miss the business of running the kids around, but now that they are both driving, I sit at home and try not to have a heart attack worrying. Can't wait to hear about the summer updates on the girls and I'm wishing them the best of luck. I'm certain they're both lining up a full ride scholarship :D
    Your card is wonderful and I'm so happy you relocated your crafting table. May the two of you be very happy over the Summer months.
    Hugs to you SIB,
    Sib xx

  2. Wahoo and so glad you're on summer break now Margaret! VERY cute cards and of course I love the sentiment.
    Both girls sound like they stayed busy all school year and will continue to do so. Great accomplishments on their sports too!

  3. WHOO, it's great to hear from you :) I'm looking forward to seeing more projects and updates !

  4. Great use of the kit, as well as altering it. I hadn't started getting the kits, but have signed up for it now, figured I would give it a try.


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