Monday, February 17, 2014

A Punchy Penguin and Thoughts on Morning

Hello and Happy Monday!!!! What's that you say? I can't use happy and Monday in the same sentence? Well, more on that later...

Recently we celebrated DD#1's birthday and she loves penguins so when I saw this @ I knew I wanted to recreate it for her card.  It was super easy to make too, thanks to all of the punches and the top note die!

I am happy to say she loved her card! I am one of those mean moms who won't let her kids eat cereal completely loaded with sugar.  A little sugar is ok but if it's more than 10 g, no dice... Did I mention diabetes runs in my DH's family?  So for her birthday, I indulged and bought a box of Cocoa Puffs for her.  When she woke up birthday morning she found her birthday card taped to the box of cereal.  I could hear her squeals at the other end of the house!  Such happiness coming from a non-morning person!!  Which leads to the second part of my post.

I recently came across a quote on pinterest that I just can't buy into.  It was something to the effect that since we choose to be happy, someone who is not a morning person chooses not to be happy.  Now I will admit I am NOT a morning person, but I do consider myself to be a happy person.  I do agree that we have to make a conscious effort to direct our moods and we can choose how we respond to things; I just don't think that not waking up chipper is a 'choice'.  I simply need a little more time to ease into my day.  My oldest DD is the same way-quite pleasant after you give her a chance to completely wake up. 

What is my theory? I think people are predisposed to their morning attitudes and sleep cycles.  When DD#1 was a baby, she would wake up and be content to lay in her bed for a while before calling for attention.  DD#2 (my morning person) would wake up and instantly want to be out of bed, changed and fed so she could start her day.  She even resorted to shaking the sides of her crib to get our attention as she got older! :)

I also think having morning lovers and haters in the same household leads to better social skills.  For example, DD#2 learned at a very early age not to talk to her sister until after breakfast, Mom required a cup of coffee before turning human, and Dad, well Dad worked nights so well all gave him a wide berth until after lunch!  The rest of us learned that no matter what we thought, DD#2 would never sleep in and would always have a perky smile on her face as soon as her feet hit the floor.  We don't have to like it but we accept it!  On the plus side, she is one person I never have to wait on to get ready.  She is usually dressed, breakfast done, and teeth brushed before I finish my first cup of coffee.  She also likes going out in the cold to start my car! Not sure where she got that gene, but so glad she does!!

So if you don't like mornings, especially Monday mornings, don't worry... You're in good company and I'm happy I'm not alone!  Hope you have a great week!

Card Recipe:  Paper-basic black, whisper white, pumpkin pie, elegant eggplant, Ink-elegant eggplant, stampin' chalk marker, Stamp Set-pennant parade, Accessories-top note die, 1" circle punch, oval punch, scallop oval punch, decorative label punch


  1. Margaret, I love, love, love this little guy!!! He's adorable and that's neat that you created him with the die and punches. Precious card and I know your daughter loved him - and the cereal of course! LOL!!! Know she had a great birthday too.

  2. cute card! Glad your little one loved it...and the cereal!

  3. Cute, cute penguin - and so happy you managed to create a happy Monday morning for at least one person! So right - why should you have to be a morning person to be a happy person? Makes no sense to me...
    Alison x

  4. LOL..that's a super story. The squeal over cereal. What a hoot!!! Wonderful card too Margaret. :)

  5. Isn't that penguin card the cutest ? And what great memories for your daughter, too, of her special breakfast.


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