Monday, September 30, 2013

Dusting off the cobwebs...

Good grief!  Did you think I disappeared?!  I had to dust the virtual cobwebs off of my blog last weekend when I posted my project for ABAC, and honestly hadn't realized it had been THAT long since I posted anything, and here I am a week later, finally posting again!

My new job is going great and both girls are adjusting well to their new schools, and DH is being incredibly patient with my complete lack of organization at the moment-hence the neglected blog.  I have been doing a few (hundred) crafty things for my nephew's upcoming wedding, but I didn't want to post those yet.  Other than that, my life has been one big battle to keep the laundry from suffocating family members in an avalanche, and wrangling the girls into keeping enough clean dishes for our meals.  It has been so busy that when I did finally sit down on the couch, Shadow took the opportunity to play lap dog and tried to keep me there.  Some nights I did let him win! :)

I thought the last weekend would offer me a complete day without any obligations, and while DH slept (worked nights) and the girls vegged out in front of the tv, I could manage to squeeze in some much needed crafting time.  Instead, my Mom called me at 9 am and asked if I still wanted the volunteer trees that were growing in their landscaping.  My brother was there doing some yard work and was going to get rid of them, so instead of crafting, I played arborist and dug up 5 trees and about 15 bushes.  This was followed by an afternoon of replanting them, and since I was already sweaty and very dirty, I mowed the lawn.  This weekend was a local festival and we spent most of the weekend enjoying the food, games, visiting, parade, and even a 5K (I walked it...).

Sunday, after the parade, the clouds decided they were holding all the water they could stand and it started raining.  This put an end to our last trip through the booths and watching the closing events.  Instead, we came back home and I spent the afternoon getting crafty!

I am so far behind on my Christmas card goal, and really needed to make a few cards, and we won't even talk about my scrapbooking...did I do any of that?? No...  I spent over an hour just organizing and clearing off my table, and then I finished up some cards that were all but done.  I decided to work on two different Paper Pumpkin kits and I think the simplicity of the kits was just what I needed to get my mojo going.  Today I came home from work and made a scrapbook page that will be posted later on.

But I'm sure you didn't just come here to read about my very interesting time :)  So here is one of the PP kit cards that I made.

The four cards from this kit came together so quickly and I even did a little stamping on the envelope to make it all matchy!

Well, I am still doing battle with the laundry and the family would really like to have clean clothes to wear tomorrow, so I will leave you with a thank you for sticking with me and a wish that you are finding plenty of time to play and be inky!


  1. Enjoy that busy life with your family! Those kiddos grow up so fast.
    Cute card and love that design!

  2. I feel silly that I don't have the excuse of our pet keeping me on the couch. I do however still have an unemployed husband and he manages to make sure the long couch doesn't re-arrange its location as I tend to keep a steady tab on the loveseat's location. Would hate to find it in the kitchen one morning. I haven't crafted in forever, but am kind of enjoying just perusing and soaking up inspiration. Loved your latest creation and that amusing story was hysterical. So glad to hear that the family is adjusting very well to the new changes.
    I wasn't afraid of the looming pile in the closet, but now I fear our demise so I guess I'm off to 'negotiate" with the laundry. Hopefully it will go better than negotiations in our government...HA!
    Big hugs to you chica,

  3. I love this card! Gosh, glad to hear I wasn't the only one who had to dust off the cobwebs on my blog! Happy to see you back too!

  4. I'm exhausted just by reading all your events as of late! Whew! Oh, and I'm sorry I missed this PP kit- love the bicycle! Hang in there.

  5. Good to hear all is well though busy, busy ! Great little PP kit card, too =)


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