Friday, June 21, 2013

Flashback Friday-A day in the life of a procrastinator

A day in the life of a procrastinator... or How I lost the title Mom of the Year... I was debating which would be a better post title and decided that the second was a little too dramatic, even for me!  Of course, there are those who would sit in judgement that a good mom would never do this, but I have come to realize over the years that being a good anything is overrated.  We learn so much more from our blunders than perfection could ever teach us, plus it teaches my kids that I'm human and mess up just as much as they do!

So by now you are wondering what in the world happened, or maybe what this has to do with Flashback Friday, or maybe you have already bypassed all of this, peeked at my cards and left.  Hopefully not the choice behind door number three...

I really enjoy making cards, but even more than making them, I love sending them.  When I was younger, I never appreciated the cards and letters I received in the mail.  I probably took them for granted, or even showed my behind by complaining that they didn't include money.  But now in the age of digital and virtual everything, there is something so real about receiving an actual, hold-it-in-your-hand card.  It carries with it the message that someone remembered you, was thinking about you, and cares for you.  So I LOVE sending and giving cards, especially for birthdays.  Now before you all think that I should be nominated for humanitarian of the year, let me add some reality... I am a procrastinator-sometimes by choice, sometimes by pure forgetfulness, but a procrastinator all the same.  So sometimes my birthday wishes come with an apology for the untimely arrival of the card.  I usually am forgiven quite quickly because people just don't receive much happy mail anymore, and a late birthday card is better than no birthday card.  This is generally a socially accepted faux pas, but not when it's your own children...

Yes, I do know when they were born. I happened to be there both times... and I don't actually forget their birthdays (they're really good at reminding me of these things), but sometimes their cards aren't actually finished by the special date.  They have come to expect this and usually as long as they get the gifts and cake on time, they give me some leeway on the card.  So I was extra proud of myself when I bought two digi images (did not record who, sorry... If you know please tell me) and printed them off months before the special dates.  I even had them colored almost a month before the first birthday!  But then I did what procrastinators do and put them aside to finish later and promptly forgot where they were and that I even had them.  

So DD #1 has her birthday and I'm frantically searching for the images so I can finish her card.  I could have printed another and started over, but that would make too much sense, and besides, I KNEW they were here somewhere!  I ended up finding them shortly after DD#2's birthday and finished both of them at the same time.  I should add that DD#1 informed me that to be fair, DD#2 should have to wait an extra month as well. Can you feel the sisterly love???  I took pictures of the cards before I gave them to the girls and once again, the procrastinating kicked in and I didn't get around to posting them until now, many months later!  So my Flashback project today doesn't really use anything too super old, but then again, the relevance of time is subject to the importance of the event.  So now my girls know that *gasp* their mother is not perfect, and really needs to be more organized, but they also know that the next time they goof up royally, they can always play the 'forgot to make my handmade birthday card and I had to wait two whole months to get it' card...  Isn't motherhood grand?!

So here are the fashionably late cards in all their glory...

for DD#1 who is quite the Harry Potter fan,

and DD#2 who is a cheerleader.

I used copics and pastels on the images and really went with a simple layout since the images were larger.  

I am happy to report that they loved their cards and have started talking to me again... well... sometimes I'm happy about the last part... Guess I'm still out of the running for Mom of the Year! 

I hope your weekend is absolutely wonderful and that you don't procrastinate on finding some crafty time!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Card Recipe:  Paper-elegant eggplant, whisper white, perfect plum DSP (ret), real red, basic black, Ink-copics, elegant eggplant, black stazon, Stamp Set- digi images from unknown, Curly Cute, Accessories-pastels


  1. This post just made me cards, I really like the one for the Harry Potter fan...your coloring on both is terrific!

  2. Whether they were late or not, they're both as cute as can be! CUTE cards.
    Don't feel bad at all. Last year I totally forgot my sons birthday - and I'm STILL hearing about it!!! LOL!

  3. cute cards Margaret-I think we all do procrastinating of some sort-but your post was a good reminder to me that people like to get mail-so even if the card is late send it-have a good weekend

  4. Hi Margaret! these cards are really really cute :) and I had to laugh while reading your post! i have 5 brothers and sisters and know exactly what you mean when talking about "sisterly" love :D
    take care and thank you so much for your sweet comments! :) xx

  5. Aw, Margaret - what a sweet post and your daughters are so sweet for letting you off the hook :) Mine have done that plenty, lol. Both are just so sweet and unique for each, I'm sure they were well received and mostly because they were specially made by mommy! x0x0

  6. I got a chuckle out of your story:-) love the cards by the way!

  7. Ha, ha, ha...... thanks for sharing your story and these two perfect cards for your girls !


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