Sunday, April 7, 2013

Anything But a Card- Inspiration should be easy right?!

Today begins week two of Challenge #16 at Anything But a Card and oh what a challenge we have this time!

"For Challenge 16 we want to see what are you "INSPIRED BY". Create something inspired by someone you admire... it can be anyone – and it doesn't have to be art related. For example, Carla admires Thomas Merton; and she might make a collage of his quotes. You could do something inspired by Tim Holtz, by techniques or... even the gorgeous view out your window. The possibilities are endless!"

Now you would think that with a challenge as open as this one,  I would have no trouble at all coming up with a project.  Well, you would be wrong! There are so many people and things that inspire me and I really wanted this to be a special tribute to my inspiration.  So, for over two weeks I mulled over different ideas and quite honestly on Friday morning, I still did not have a clue what I was going to do.  Finally I pulled out my quotes journal.  I actually started this as my very first design team project for ABAC.  As I find quotes that inspire me, I write them on post it notes and place them on a page in the journal. Then as I find time or inspiration, I complete a page and write the quote somewhere on the page.  I came across the quote, "Hurry always empties the soul." by Ann Voskamp and thought " appropriate that here I am at the last minute trying to come up with a project and run across this quote."  My soul should be quite full since I waited until the very last second to create my page! :)  

After finishing this, the thought struck me that not only did the quote inspire me to do something, but ABAC inspired me to start the journal in the first place.  So here is my Inspiration Project quite fittingly inspired by ABAC!

As I was looking through my stamps, I came across the Hello, Doily image. The intricate doily struck me as something that would take immense patience to create, especially for someone with no knitting or crochet skills. I decided it would be the perfect background.  After stamping it, I remembered a very special box of goodies I won from my dear blogging sister, Lisa.  Among a wonderful collection of Christmas goodies were some lovely crocheted snowflakes.  I chose one that seemed quite 'doily-like' and proceeded to grunge it up with some inks (hope you don't mind, Lisa!).  I also added a button and some linen thread to complete the whole hand crafted theme.  

I really think this page hints back to a time when people weren't in such a rush to do 500 different things at once.  It also reminds me of evenings that I spent as a little girl learning to do embroidery.  My Mom was always reminding me to take my time and slowly pull my thread tight. Most of the time I followed her advice, but occasionally I would get in a hurry and end up with a big ol' nasty knot.  Nothing empties the embroidering soul faster than a nasty knot!  Amazingly enough, this is the one sewing skill that wasn't completely lost on me! I can cross stitch and embroider almost as well as my sewing Mother and sister. Just don't ask me to do French knots-I hate those things!

I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to inspiration and that no matter what your inspiration is please consider sharing it with us at Anything But a Card!  Happy crafting!


  1. Margaret, this is WOW!!!!! Sensational!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! :)

  3. Absolutely I don't mind..not one's beautiful what you've done to it. You gave it a whole new life and purpose. Your journal book is just outstanding Margaret! WOW...what a shabby chic endeavor if ever. I'm very impressed with this and the sentiment is so true! Also true about French evil nemesis in sewing...GAK!
    Hugs to you,
    Lisa x

  4. beautifully done Margaret-and I so enjoyed reading your creative thought process with this

  5. Oh this is stunning, that flower is incredible!!!

  6. What a wonderful read... so thoughtful and thought-provoking. And the cover of your inspiration journal is absolutely stunning. As a complete word-lover, I couldn't agree more about quotes being a great source of inspiration - I love this!
    Alison x

  7. What an inspiring read, the way this gorgeously grunged page came about - love it !

  8. What a wonderful post Margaret. I love your piece and love your explanation too!

  9. Gorgeous Margaret! I love the flower on the cover, it just makes me happy looking at it. :) I've enjoyed catching up with your blog and hope to be back on a regular visiting schedule. :) Hugs

  10. This is just stunning and love the detail you put into it. Have a great weekend.

  11. Wow! What a wonderful looking note pad, I love the texture of adding the "snowflake"! ;-)
    Hugs xxx

  12. Beautiful, Margaret, you really have a talent!


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