Friday, February 15, 2013

Flashback Friday-Another Simple Page

Hello and welcome to my little ol' spot in Blogland!  I have another really basic scrapbook page to share today and quite a funny little story to go along with it!  If you saw Wednesday's post, this paper is from the very same pack and again, I liked the pattern so well, I didn't want to cover it up!

I promised a funny little anecdote, so here we go...

Every year, my Mom, both of my sisters, my two girls, and I go to a local arts and crafts festival that is held in a nearby town.  There are several buildings around the town that house the various booths and we visit all of them!! We always have a wonderful time, and while for the most part we stay together, we often drift to different areas based on our own personal tastes and interests.  When we finish with a building, we always show off our purchases before moving on to the next building.  I had bought the cutest bracelet at one of the booths.  It's the kind that has some magnetic beads, but I bought it more for the cosmetic beauty than the health benefits.  As I pulled my bracelet from my bag, my oldest sister started laughing and then produced her exact duplicate bracelet that she purchased.  We could not believe that out of all of the bracelets in that booth that we chose the same design.  As soon as my middle sister heard our laughter, she had to come over and see what was so funny.  So we showed her our bracelets.  Her mouth dropped open and she muttered "UhUh...this is too weird..." and pulled out her MATCHING bracelet!  All three of us had bought the EXACT SAME BRACELET!  Mom just smiled and commented that it just goes to show how similar we are.  I like to think that it must be a sister thing...connected even when we're apart...

I hope you enjoyed my story and my super easy page!  Have a fabulous weekend and happy crafting!

Page Recipe: DP from stash, basic black cardstock (cut w/ cricut), Stamp Set-Just Journaling, Ink-river rock, black journaling marker


  1. Great page and even better story to go with it. Mine and my 3 sisters taste is so totally different there is no way that would ever happen to us.

  2. Y'all must have had so much fun!!! Love craft fairs too.
    Great page and fun pictures.

  3. Fun decorative paper to highlight your photos from a memorable trip !

  4. Yep, I love your story and your fabulous page. That is some great paper. Sounds like a fun time in your life.

  5. Now that's just freaky cool!!! What are the odds? I loved that story and the great laugh. Ya'll look so adorable together and what a fun time was had. :)

  6. Wow that's amazing :-)

    Lovely layout and your paper is very pretty too.

    Angela x

  7. What a wonderful story and the page is wonderful!

  8. What a neat story!! I am an only and always wanted a sister!! You are a lucky lady! :) Your page is beautiful and so is the sentiment that goes along with it! :)


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