Sunday, February 24, 2013

Anything But a Card Challenges-Lucky Number 13!

Hello and welcome to my little ol' blog!  Today begins the second week of Challenge number 13 at Anything But a Card and I have to admit that I couldn't wait to work on my project for this one!  Since it is our 13th challenge, we are asking you to use 13 as your inspiration.  It can be lucky, unlucky, superstitions, or anything using 13.  I, of course, took the lucky approach since 13 is my favorite number!

I wanted to create a scrapbook page showing why I love the number 13, but two of the pictures I wanted to use were already scrapbooked and one was in a frame.  So I scanned the pages and picture into my computer and created a digital  scrapbook page using MDS 2.

While I love the hands on approach to traditional scrapbooking, it is so convenient to use MDS, especially when you don't have the actual photo to place on a page!  Plus, it is a lot easier to try out different ideas and layouts when you can delete anything that doesn't quite work! Initially, I used the photos as squares, but I decided I liked the circles better. Try undoing that with an actual photo...

And yes, that baby faced boy is my wonderful DH and that skinny chick next to him is me (amazing what 2 kids, almost 19 years, and less exercise does to a body...).  The middle photo is a picture of the house number on the porch of our first home, and the last pic is my 'not so tiny now' DD1.

I hope you enjoyed my Lucky scrapbook page!  As this is posting, my girls and I are preparing to head back home from a weekend retreat in Gatlinburg.  Thank goodness for post scheduling!!  Have a fantastic week and no matter what format or medium you prefer, happy crafting!!

Page Recipe: Cardstock-Love Letter patterns 10 & 11 DSP, very vanilla, Stamps-Schoolbook Serif Numbers, Embellishments-Taffeta Trimmings ripple & short bow in basic black, Font-Lobster Two


  1. Great photos! My lucky number is 7. I have never tried digital scrapbooking, I think it is because I like to feel and touch the product when I work with it.

  2. Margaret I love this LO! Love the background and the photos are great. You captured such sweet memories and 13 is a great number. :) I totally agree about what happens to the body after children, marriage and less exercise lol.
    Sorry I've been MIA, my dad is not doing well so my crafty and blog time has been drasticially reduced. I think of you and Lisa M. daily though. :)

  3. Seems that 13 has been a wonderful number for you! Great page and love those photos!

  4. Good on you for playing with digital scrapping Margaret. I'm still loving the ink!
    I like how you combined your subjects to create a cohesive and thoughtful layout.
    Bet it's good to have your girls home.

  5. Wonderful job! I do digital scrapbooking from time to time too. I still prefer to get dirty with my paper supplies, but this is a close second. :)

  6. beautifully done, Margaret! Such sweet lil pictures - perfect in their little circles!! xoxo

  7. Soooo cool! Love the circles!! Most excellent scrapbook page, my friend! My very favorite number is 13!! Super nice job! :)

  8. Okay, I'm freaking out a bit here. Hubster and I have the lucky number of 13 and we were married on April 13th (4/13) which is your house number and our first mailbox in Germany was 13 and we went house shopping the other day and loved this one that the number is 1219; which when you add up is...13!!! You really are my kindred sister. ;)
    Your LO is fantastic chica and I'm sorry it took me forever to get over here to tell you that. We've been shoveling and tunneling. Oh, the first snowfall was 13"..LOL! OMG...I can't get away from it.
    Also, thank you SO much for ALL the wonderful messages you left me on my blog. You were busy!
    Huge hugs to you,
    Lisa x


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