Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas! Even if it is a little late...

I had every intention of setting up a few posts on my blog to magically appear on Sunday and Tuesday, but somehow in the life of a procrastinator, there were other things that managed to take precedence over my blog.  You know silly things like making sure I hadn't forgotten anyone's gifts, wrapping til the wee hours of the morning, making special dishes of food, taking a nap... Important things!

So here is my Christmas post a day late, but still filled with the holiday spirit!

This is a picture of the Nativity scene at our church. No matter how much (or little) Christmas spirit I seem to have, taking a moment to remember how it all began really sets everything right for me.  After all, if Jesus can be born in a barn among the animals to bring new life to all the world, then does it really matter if I've found the 'perfect' gift or managed to finish my 'to do' list?  Food for thought...
So for all of you who celebrate with me, Merry Christmas! And to all of my blogging viewers and friends, I wish you peace, happiness, and all the love your hearts can hold!

**On a side note, I have many blogging friends in the south and in other parts of the world who were wanting snow for Christmas.  This is what we woke to early this morning...and it's still snowing!

So to all of you 'warm weather' friends, here is your snow!! From our home to yours...  No, really...feel free to come on over and scoop up all you want!!  I'll have the hot chocolate and coffee waiting for you!


  1. From one procrastinator to another: Merry Christmas Margaret! The Nativity scene is just beautiful and I felt just the same when I attended Midnight Service on Christmas Eve - I don't go regularly but having been very down for some time I felt at peace as I sat there and have since felt so much moire positive. Here's to 2013!

  2. Burrr - looks very cold. I lived in the north of the UK when I was little and never managed a white Christmas. This year I was in Victoria Australia and although it wasn't "stinking" hot we still managed to pop our feet into the pool. Merry belated Christmas to you and yours.

  3. How much snow did you end up with ?It literally just barely missed us, all we saw were a few flurries. Happy New Year to you =)


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