Monday, March 5, 2012

Scrapbook Monday!!

It has been another busy week and I didn't have time to actually sit down at my crafting table to create a layout.  But as my luck (or bad luck) would have it, on Friday afternoon, I received a call from the girls' schools stating they were starting immediate dismissal for all children able to be picked up.  We were having severe weather warnings all morning and I guess they didn't want to risk having all of the kids if a massive tornado came through.  So, I went to pick up DD #1 at her school (a complete madhouse, let me tell you!) and DH picked up DD #2.  Then we stopped by our home long enough to grab a few things, including my laptop and Shadow, and went to my parent's house where we could all hang out in the basement.  We were fortunate that the storms bypassed our area, and didn't get more than some mild thunderstorms.  Later that day, it was heartbreaking to watch on the news that other areas received considerably more damage.

While we were in the basement, I decided to work on a few MDS layouts.  My Mom  was amazed that not only could someone make it look like a 'real' scrapbook page, but she loved the way it resized the pictures to fit the spaces!  Of course, Mom doesn't own a computer or have any interest in using one, but she still thought it was pretty cool! DD#1 also gave a lot of input on colors and embellishments!

I decided to use some pictures from our trip to TN.  Do you realize what that means?! I actually have a page completed using 2012 pictures!!!!!!! I can hear those pics from 2009, still on a CD, crying out in protest...."We were here first! Not fair!!"  Some day, I'll be so caught up that I'll have to take pictures just to have something to scrapbook...  No, don't wake me just yet; I'm enjoying this dream!

Layout Recipe: melon mambo base, whisper white frame, bermuda bay grosgrain ribbon, Stamp Set-Greatest Moments


  1. Love your page Margaret and I'm with you about the tornadoes. It is terrible to see so many suffering, glad you guys were safe though.
    What adorable daughters you have!

  2. Great photos and love this layout! Just wonderful.
    SOOOO glad y'all are safe. Those were horrible storms and so much destruction. Good to know that you were fine.

  3. We Brits have made a national hobby of moanin' about the weather, but we are actually so blessed to live somewhere that doesn't see the terrible force of nature that you, in the US, sometimes glad your family, and neighbourhood, is safe!
    I had to smirk...yep, I sometimes you still having piccies from 2009 to scrap....try 1979!...haaaa!
    I am sooooo behind with scrapping, and will never do it all....(insert shrug) I'll live with it. :O
    Your page is fabulous...but it's easier when you have pretty daughters....mine are all ugly....haaaaa!
    ps. I do sometimes tell fibs, too....they are actually beautiful, but I would say that, heehee!

  4. Wonderful layout Margaret. How terrifying to receive the call from school to come and get your girls. So very glad you are safe but my heart goes out to those less fortunate. We have certainly heard about the terrible storms her in Aus. XXX

  5. So happy you were safe from the storms. I can't believe how early the bad weather has started and winter not even over yet.
    Your layout is wonderful. I haven't got brave enough to try out digital scrapbooking yet.

  6. first let me say that I am glad to hear that you and your family are all safe-heartbreaking as I watch the nightly news
    this is a great layout Margaret-can your print the pages from MDS?

  7. Margaret my heart skipped a beat to think of you having to pick up your girls because of the threat of tornadoes. Here is Aus it's floods, my cousin was one of 9,000 people evacuated from Wagga Wagga yesterday. Whoever is poking Mother Nature with that big stick can just stop it.
    Your layout is fabulous, yay you for making the most of the time in the basement. :)

  8. It's good to hear you are ok! phew!
    :-) and what a wonderful page!
    HUGS xxx

  9. So glad you are all OK, what a terrible time it has been out there for you! But, I do love your layout, I so wish we would get MDS in the UK too!!
    Keep safe x
    Hugs xx

  10. So glad to hear you and your family are okay! This is a fabulous MDS page! Thanks for always stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment! ((hugs))

  11. Great layout!! I love the little circle. Too cute! I'm so glad you guys made it through storms. I've seen bits and pieces on the news.

  12. LOL, if pictures would talk, mine would have walked out the door by now! (I still have to scrap dd #1 ... and she's 17 - eek!) This is DA BOMB!! I love the layout! So wonderful with the burst of red color as a backdrop and simple enough that the pictures do the talking! They make a great focal point. And I'm glad all is well, Marg - it's been horrible reading the news and watching the tv with the weather/storms - blessings to you and thank you for continuing to inspire us with your scrapbooking! x0x0

  13. Wonderful that the school sent the children home early, even if it did make for a frantic day. I'm happy that to hear that you were all together, safe and sound - and you were able to get in a little crafty time, too. Thanks for sharing your bright, fun layout =)


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